Animoca Brands Joins Chromia as a Network Provider

Animoca Brands Joins Chromia as a Network Provider

We're thrilled to welcome Animoca Brands, a leading force in Web3, as our newest Chromia Network provider!

Animoca Brands is a name synonymous with blockchain culture, gaming and digital collectibles. The company has delivered industry leading games like The Sandbox, established itself as a Fortune Crypto 40 company, and built an investment portfolio that includes over 400 Web3 projects while working with globally recognizable IPs including The Walking Dead and Power Rangers.

Animoca Brands’ expertise in crafting play-and-earn experiences and championing digital ownership aligns perfectly with Chromia's mission to deliver immersive on-chain games by eliminating gas fees, introducing dynamic NFTs, and ensuring seamless scalability for massive player bases.

Beyond this technical collaboration, we'll also be joining forces with Animoca Brands on some exciting promotional events. 

Together, we will co-host a side event titled "Forging Web3's Future" at the upcoming 2024 Hong Kong Web3 Festival held on April 9th. This event will delve into some of the hottest topics in Web3, including blockchain gaming, decentralized infrastructure, and AI.

The addition of Animoca Brands to Chromia's provider network not only expands our reach and ecosystem, but also highlights a shared vision to empower developers and creators in shaping the decentralized future of blockchain gaming and Web3. We are thrilled to embark on this journey together and look forward to the opportunities it will create.

We encourage everyone from the Chromia community to check out Animoca Brands’ website to learn more about our newest network provider. Keep an eye out for updates on our upcoming event in Hong Kong!

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