Asymm Ventures to Join Chromia as a Network Provider

Asymm Ventures to Join Chromia as a Network Provider

Today, we are pleased to report that the private Asia-based VC firm Asymm Ventures has confirmed its commitment to Chromia’s Mark 2 Testnet and mainnet and will be onboarded as a network provider.

In the past, Asymm Ventures has provided early stage investments in both Chromia and ecosystem projects like My Neighbor Alice. Their continued interest and support makes them a fitting candidate to serve as a network provider. With their participation, they take an active role in supporting their digital assets while also helping us fulfill our mission of delivering a next generation gaming and dapp protocol. Glad to have you aboard, Asymm!

Earlier this week, we announced that another prominent VC firm, NGC Ventures, will also be supporting the Chromia Network. Building a collection of providers from various tech industries across the globe is an important step in making our platform as decentralized and robust as possible.

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