ChromaWay being Partner at Sustainable Mobility Hackathon

ChromaWay being Partner at Sustainable Mobility Hackathon

Sweden, Stockholm - ChromaWay, a leading blockchain company, is proud to announce our partnership with the Sustainable Mobility Hackathon, organized by Sustainability InnoCenter with the support of the European Union. The event, which will be held on May 11-12th, 2023, aims to identify innovative and sustainable solutions to mobility challenges in the region.

The two-day hybrid event will bring together public, private, and mobility participants and aims to collaborate and develop new ideas to address pressing sustainability challenges. Using a developer approach to problem-solving, participants will work to identify and develop solutions to address mobility issues with a focus on sustainability.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Sustainability InnoCenter on a project that is supported by the European Union. We believe this hackathon will be a great opportunity for our company to introduce blockchain technology as an option in sustainable transportation with the possibility to develop solutions that will benefit society and the environment. With mobility being a key factor in sustainable development, we believe this event will play a critical role in driving innovation and promoting sustainable solutions to mobility challenges in the region." said Henrik Hjelte, CEO and Co-Founder of ChromaWay

The Sustainable Mobility Hackathon is open to individuals and teams from various backgrounds, including mobility, sustainability, blockchain and technology. Participants will have access to expert mentors and advisors throughout the event, providing guidance and support as they work to develop solutions to real-world mobility challenges. Participants will be working closely with partners such as municipalities and key industrial and private actors.

"We are excited to coordinate this initiative and find innovative and sustainable solutions to mobility challenges, and having ChromaWay partnering with us is a great collaboration." said Said Svante Hagström, Project Coordinator at Sustainability InnoCenter.

Sustainability InnoCenter organizes the Sustainable Mobility Hackathon with the aid of the European Union under the project DyMoN (Dynamic Mobility Nudge) will be a two days long hybrid event.

"We believe that this Initiative will be a great opportunity for participants to work collaboratively and to leverage innovative solutions that will benefit society and the environment." said Harris Stamatopoulos, Innovation partnership Lead , at Uppsala University and Director of the Board of Sustainability InnoCenter.

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ChromaWay, founded by Henrik Hjelte, Or Perelman, and Alex Mizrahi in 2014, has developed a new blockchain architecture that combines the power and flexibility of a relational database and the decentralized security of a blockchain. This ‘relational blockchain’ technology powers Chromia, the public platform for decentralized applications. ChromaWay has worked on enterprise projects since 2015, including banking infrastructure, land registration, green finance, and payment processing. The Chromia platform also boasts a growing ecosystem, including notable blockchain games My Neighbor Alice and Mines of Dalarnia.

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Modern society runs on data, and every online service you’re using is built upon underlying databases - ranging from your online bank to music streaming and gaming. Chromia is a relational blockchain - a combination of a relational database and a blockchain - making it easy to develop user-friendly decentralized apps for almost any industry, including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and more.

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The Sustainability InnoCenter is a leading organization that promotes sustainable innovation through research, education, and collaboration. With a focus on sustainability, the organization fosters innovative solutions shaping sustainable urban mobility behavior with real-time, user-generated, and public open data.

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