Chromia Provider Spotlight: AM Cloud

Chromia Provider Spotlight: AM Cloud

This installment of the 'Chromia Provider Spotlight’ focuses on one of our newest industry partners, AM Cloud.

Based in Sweden, AM Cloud is a distributed storage and technology service provider that is leveraging blockchain technology and the IPFS protocol to build a decentralized data storage marketplace. By enabling cooperation between data owners, storage providers and distributors, the company aims to develop the largest storage marketplace in Europe.

The company provides a gateway for enterprises to smoothly migrate large-scale data from services like Amazon S3 to decentralized networks. In addition to this, they also provide a collection of other services including distributed content delivery and Cloud GPU clusters used for a variety of purposes including university research, video rendering and artificial intelligence.

AM Cloud’s technical expertise, commitment to decentralization, and focus on security make them an ideal partner to work with while building the foundation of Chromia’s provider network.

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