Chromia Stakers Will Receive Tickets to the First My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Lottery

Chromia Stakers Will Receive Tickets to the First My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Lottery

TLDR Section

NOTE: The contents of this article were amended on April 9, 2021 after some changes to the land sale structure and requirements.

  1. There will be a My Neighbor Alice land sale on May 12
  2. Land winners will be decided by a lottery system
  3. Users will access the sale dashboard on the My Neighbor Alice website. They must deposit 20 ALICE to the dashboard to register their address and begin earning tickets
  4. The staking period to earn tickets is open from April 27th at 12:00PM UTC to May 11th at 12:00PM UTC
  5. ALICE is staked through the sale dashboard, while CHR is staked through the Chromia staking portal
  6. Users earn tickets at the following rate: 1 ticket per day per 1 ALICE staked, 1 ticket per day per 20 CHR staked. This means that simply by registering (in step 3), users are already earning 20 tickets per day
  7. Users can also earn entries by staking Alice LP tokens
  8. At the end of the staking period, tickets are drawn and users find out if their address has been selected (each registered address can only win one plot)
  9. Winning addresses then buy a plot of land using the 20 ALICE they deposited when they registered
  10. For full details, check out the article below!

One of the benefits of developing an ecosystem is the synergies that are formed along the way. Stakers of Chromia’s CHR token are about to receive one of these benefits in the form of lottery tickets into the very first My Neighbor Alice land sale.

My Neighbor Alice (MNA) is an upcoming open-world game in which users can own plots of land, farm, complete quests, and interact with others. The game has been attracting a lot of attention, with its native ALICE token being listed on Binance on March 15, 2021. The first land sale has been scheduled for May 12, in which users will be able to purchase plots using ALICE tokens.

The plots themselves are represented by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), meaning that once a user buys a piece of land, they are the actual ‘owner’ of that piece of the game world. The event is putting 927, or approximately 5% of the plots in the ‘Nature’s Rest’ biome up for sale. These plots will be the very first to be owned ‘in the wild’ by users. With MNA and NFTs both being hot properties this year, significant interest in the sale is expected. In order to determine who will be able to buy these plots, a lottery system will be used.

Step 1: Register

Users must register their intent to participate by depositing 20 ALICE tokens to the staking dashboard at Until this step is completed, staking will not earn you lottery entries. The staking period begins on April 27th at 12:00PM UTC.

Funds must be staked for 14 days starting from April 27th, meaning users should not withdraw their funds until May the 11th if they want to maximize their chances in the lottery.

Step 2: Stake to Earn Lottery Tickets

Users acquire tickets to the lottery in two ways:

  1. By staking ALICE or various ALICE LP tokens on the dashboard. For every 1 ALICE worth of staked tokens, users will receive (1) lottery ticket per day of staking.
  2. By staking CHR through their official staking portal at (these stakers are already receiving 25% APY paid in CHR tokens, too!). For every 20 CHR staked, users will receive (1) lottery ticket per day of staking.

Tickets will be awarded on each day of the staking period with snapshots taken daily at 12:00 PM UTC.  By staking every day from April 27 to May 11 and increasing their staked amounts, users increase their received tickets and thus their chances of being drawn in the lottery. Each registered address can only be drawn once in the lottery (you either win one plot, or you don’t win).

Step 3: Lottery Winners Participate in the Land Sale

On May 12, users will find out if their address was drawn. Keep in mind that since this follows a lottery format, some users will not be drawn and thus will not be able to buy a plot.

Users who won will spend the 20 ALICE used to register to receive a land plot. Unused funds and staked funds can now be retrieved by users.

Only the Beginning

This land sale event will be the first of many land sales rolling out over the course of the year.  In total, more than 100,000 plots of land will be sold. The owners of these plots will be able to shape the landscape, upload NFT assets, invite friends to, and even rent out to others as a source of income.

As steadfast partners, Chromia and MNA will continue to collaborate through cross promotion.  We are providing a powerful backend platform to the game developers and in return they are delivering a fresh and exciting product that will bring users and value to our network. We are excited to pass the benefits of this relationship to our dedicated community. See you at the land sale!