Cloudborn Joins the Chromia Gaming Ecosystem

Cloudborn Joins the Chromia Gaming Ecosystem

Today we are excited to introduce the Chromia community to Cloudborn - the newest addition to our blockchain gaming ecosystem! Already deep into development, the project has just been announced to the public and will be demonstrated next week at the Inworld AI and Blockchain Game Alliance booths at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

What is Cloudborn?

Cloudborn blends strategic gameplay similar to Raid: Shadow Legends with the accessibility of the Zelda franchise to create a unique turn-based RPG with MMO elements. Building on the Chromia blockchain, Cloudborn will deliver a dynamic gaming experience with tradeable NFT characters that evolve over time based on the in-game actions and choices made by the player. 

Combining Web3 and AI

Cloudborn will incorporate a unique blend of Web3 and AI technologies to create an engaging game world that puts players in control of their assets and destiny. 

Cloudborn will leverage the Chromia blockchain to issue in-game digital assets. These assets will represent both individual items and characters themselves, giving users ownership and the ability to develop and trade these assets with others.  

In addition, Cloudborn has partnered with Inworld AI to deliver a dynamic universe in which environments and characters react and develop in real-time based on player actions, giving rise to a deeper and more personalized experience. 

Why Chromia is the Ideal Blockchain for Cloudborn

  • No Fees: Players can interact seamlessly with the blockchain without performing constant confirmations and paying transaction fees.
  • Scalability: Horizontal scaling ensures that transactions are always fast, regardless of network traffic. 
  • Dynamic NFTs: Digital assets can be designed to evolve based on game conditions and player inputs.
  • Relational Blockchain: Cloudborn requires large amounts of structured data to be stored about character’s progress, inventories, and previous choices - making Chromia the only blockchain up to the task.   

Chromia’s Gaming Ecosystem

Cloudborn joins our gaming ecosystem, which includes projects and partners like My Neighbor Alice, Blockchain Game Alliance, Mines of Dalarnia, RSTLSS, and Chain of Alliance. Gaming is quickly becoming one of the largest blockchain verticals, and we are building both the technology and partner network required to establish ourselves as a ‘go-to’ platform for Web3 games. 

Welcome to the Chromia Family!

Cloudborn’s website and social media channels are live! We encourage our community to follow along with their progress, and we look forward to seeing Cloudborn come to life on Chromia!


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