Chromia x RSTLSS: Empowering Creativity

Chromia x RSTLSS: Empowering Creativity

For anyone who missed the announcement on Friday, we’re here to recap for the Chromia community! We have added a new partner that has made the future of our Web3 gaming ecosystem even brighter.

We are excited to tell you about our strategic partnership with RSTLSS, a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing the creation and monetization of digital wearables and accessories. This partnership will make a significant impact, expanding the possibilities within the on-chain digital worlds of Chromia powered games like My Neighbor Alice.

Unlocking Creative Potential

RSTLSS is building a versatile and user-friendly platform that empowers users to effortlessly craft personalized digital assets. With access to 3D templates, patterns, textures, and artwork, users have the freedom to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life. These creations can then be minted as digital assets, allowing seamless integration across multiple games and platforms.

A Shared Vision for Accessibility

At the core of our partnership lies a shared commitment to accessibility. Chromia is being designed to offer a more streamlined dapp experience that can be enjoyed by anyone. Similarly, RSTLSS understands that only some have coding skills, so they are designing their UGC beta to be intuitive for users of all technical abilities. 

Expanding the Chromia Ecosystem

The first step in our technical collaboration will involve integrating RSTLSS with My Neighbor Alice, providing players with innovative tools for creating in-game assets. Looking ahead, this partnership opens the door to various opportunities within the Chromia gaming ecosystem, including cross-game asset sharing, IP crossovers, and the adaptation of RSTLSS tooling for additional games. Regardless of the specific form these collaborations take, our ultimate aim remains consistent: to streamline the creation and monetization of wearable digital assets, thereby enhancing the overall Web3 gaming experience.

Learn More About RSTLSS

  • Take a look around their website.
  • Check out the minting page for ‘MareBears, an NFT collection from the RSTLSS team being launched in collaboration with Paris Hilton, Gremplin, and Ubisoft. 
  • Check out this announcement post on their X account, which includes the latest BasedAF video installment. The video includes plenty of alpha on ‘MareBears, some well-placed humor, and an all-important Chromia name-drop! 

Looking Ahead: A Year of Milestones

Key milestones are on the horizon for both projects, with the upcoming beta launch of the RSTLSS User-Generated Content (UGC) platform and our mainnet release. We're looking forward to watching the impact of our partnership unfold!

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