Corite Announces First NFT Campaign

Corite Announces First NFT Campaign

On November 2nd, Corite, a music platform that lets artists and fans share success together, will launch its first NFT campaign in collaboration with US actor and artist Emery Kelly. 'Emotions' is the first digital merch NFT collection that will allow its owners' exclusive benefits on Corite's blockchain platform CO.

The drop will feature glasses depicting anger, fear, boredom, admiration, joy, sadness, vigilance, and surprise. Kelly collaborated with Sin_mon, an NFT visual artist making digital fashion and quirky pop art, to translate those feelings into eight designs of virtual glasses, inviting the fans to let some of their emotions out. To participate in the NFT sale, users will be able to register at between the 2nd and 16th of November to get whitelisted by the Corite team.

All NFT holders will be able to join the live stream at his upcoming album release. One lucky winner will enjoy a one-time session with Emery Kelly, which will be broadcast to his entire social media audience.

The funds for producing the music and the NFTs were raised via a successful fan-funding campaign on the Corite platform. Emotions, the first of many NFT collections to be minted and promoted by Corite's blockchain platform CO, will be announced in Times Square, New York, and be available for purchase starting November 16th.

Corite brings fans together to support their favorite artists while also uniquely celebrating their successes, creating a win-win situation for both. It enables fans to become producers of the music they love, earning a percentage of the revenues in return. The most recent accomplishments of the project include a collaboration with Rico Love, the legendary Beyonce's producer, and the start of a private round led by ChromaWay to help fund the new blockchain platform, named CO.

With a mission to build the first NFT music community, CO offers a unique and new way to launch an artist’s career by mixing music, visual art, blockchain, and fan power. As its MVP is released in Q4 2021, CO will enable control, ownership, and new ways to enjoy and live off digital art and music by rewarding activity and engagement. Fans will get song shares by backing the music and earn fan power by making the music a hit.

“As a first in the world, we’re bringing Play to Earn to the music industry, where the most engaged artists and fans set the rules and share success together. We will also be launching $CO, the native token for the platform. Holders will get early access to invest in music, purchase Corite Original NFTs, and participate in governance,” says Emil Angervall, Co-founder and Creative Director


Emery Kelly is an American film and television actor best known for his roles in Big Shot and Alexa and Katie, both of which he played Lucas Mendoza on the Emmy-nominated Netflix series. He is also an accomplished musician, having released his debut single, Gotta Go, a month ago.

Corite lets artists turn fans into backers, supporting their vision, their work and their music. Whether it’s getting a royalty advance, handling marketing campaigns, or finding new listeners, followers and collaborators - Corite is there every step of the way.

Corite decentralizes the traditional record deal model, affording independent artists financial and creative freedom while engaging with their fans like never before. When fans and artists are sharing in the success of a project, the bond between them grows stronger. All people are experts in the music they love. All artists are born free. All great art comes from shattering norms and breaking old rules. Corite believes that the future of the music industry will be driven by fan power.

Corite was founded by music and media industry veterans, Mattias Tengblad and Emil Angervall.