Delegated Staking is Live!

Delegated Staking is Live!

Existing stakers must complete delegation before June 13th to ensure that they receive uninterrupted staking rewards.

Step by Step Instructions for Existing Stakers

As previously announced, we are providing an advance window for our existing stakers to complete delegation in preparation for the new rewards contract coming into effect on or around Tuesday June 13th.

You will now see a new section on our staking page just below “My Current Stake” with the heading “Delegated to”:

In the example above, the user has not yet completed the delegation step, and therefore is seeing the notification that they must complete it to continue getting rewards.

When you click the purple ‘Choose provider’ text, a pop up will appear showing a list of the current system providers:

After choosing a provider from the list and clicking the “Save” button, a Metamask transaction will be initiated. After this transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, the information displayed on your staking page will change:

Your stake is now delegated!

As noted in the interface, you may change the provider you are delegating to any time by submitting another blockchain transaction. Doing this does not interrupt your reward eligibility in any way.

Additional Information

  • There is no ‘deadline’ to delegate, as the feature is now a permanent part of the staking process. Current stakers who do not complete the process by June 13th will become ineligible for rewards, but at any point in the future they can complete the process and become eligible starting with the next weekly epoch.
  • The system is designed to ensure all new stakers delegate, so this transition process only applies to users who were staking before the delegation feature was introduced.  
  • When the new contract comes into effect, stakers with active withdrawal requests will be ineligible for rewards. If you wish to remove this status, a simple workaround is to stake additional tokens (even a small quantity). This will cancel your pending withdrawal request.
  • Your previously accumulated rewards have not been lost and will be paid out automatically by 19th June

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