Developer Experience Team - Monthly Update #13

Developer Experience Team - Monthly Update #13

Greetings Chromia Developers and Community,

Welcome to the mid-month DevEx Team Update! Our goal is to provide you with the latest updates on the improvements being made to documentation, tooling, and network design to support the growth of the Chromia ecosystem.

Please note, our monthly retail updates focusing on mainnet development, ecosystem expansion, and marketing efforts are released at the end of each month.

Documentation and Educational Materials

Chromia Learn

Two new guides have been completed and are currently being reviewed before being added to the site:

  1. Chromia for Solidity Developers
  2. Comprehensive Comparison of Chroma vs. Major Blockchain Platforms

ICCF API Documentation Added

Documentation for the Interchain Confirmation Facility (ICCF) has been updated to include a section on the Rell Module API. This information will further assist developers in building cross-chain-enabled dapps, forming a cohesive modular network. 

Tooling and Feature Updates

Chromia CLI

  • Chromia CLI now supports: Postchain v3.14.14, postchain-chromia v3.14.8, directory-chain v1.30.0, and postchain-client v3.12.1
  • Chromia.yml validation schema added to repo. This allows developers to check if their chromia.yml file (the project setting file that defines a dapp and its modules) is syntactically correct by using the schema together with the yaml language server.

Chromia Explorer

The Explorer has been updated to display additional information about blocks. For each chain, you can now see the current block height, the latest blocks that have been built, and now have the ability to search for a specific block.

Block height, using My Neighbor Alice as the example

We are now working on a provider information section that will list all of the providers on the network. 

VSCode Extension

Refactoring and other tasks are nearly complete, and an updated version of the official Rell Extension is on the way. We are aiming for an internal release later this week, and a public release later this month.  

Postchain TypeScript Client

As of v1.12.0, we have implemented a feature that allows the client to set a node to ‘unreachable’ based on request-responses. 

We are now working to add a feature that allows using the client function "sendTransaction" without the need to wait for the transaction status to be returned, eliminating the necessity for polling.

Current Development Objectives

  • Releasing additional Chromia Learn content
  • Updates to the Chromia Learn UI
  • Updating the Block Explorer to give information on network providers
  • Releasing the updated Rell Extension for VSCode
  • Ongoing updates to Chromia CLI
  • Ongoing updates to the TypeScript Client

Until Next Month,

Chromia DevEx Team

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