Chromia’s Incentivized Testing Program Begins Today!

Chromia’s Incentivized Testing Program Begins Today!

Dear Chromia Community,

We are excited to invite you to participate in our incentivized testing program, awarding up to 250,000 CHR! The program consists of three separate initiatives, each with their own dedicated network running Chromia’s mainnet release candidate.

Designed for coders and power users, HackNet provides the opportunity to discover edge cases on a sandbox network, as well as review Chromia’s code repositories. This program will award up to 100,000 CHR, and the feedback collected will be used to prepare for mainnet.

Designed for developers, ProjectNet will serve as a hosting network for our Demo Dapp Contest that will award a combined total of 50,000 CHR to the top 3 submissions. 

Designed for everyday users, QuestNet will launch on June 18th and award a total of 100,000 CHR. The QuestNet program will center around a user-friendly dashboard and direct users to interact with core network functions, Chromia Vault, and select dapps. 

ProjectNet and QuestNet are set to run on longer timeframes, and their completion is non-essential for the scheduling or execution of mainnet launch.

Continue reading for some additional info about each initiative. For full details, we encourage you to visit and check out the sections that interest you most. 

HackNet (runs until June 28)

HackNet’s purpose is to incentivize coders and technically-minded users to stress test Chromia’s core software and detect edge cases. 

While anyone can submit a report, this program provides minimal guidance and is intended for those with technical know-how and the ability to read code and/or interact with a blockchain without the use of a front-end client. If you are an everyday user, check out the QuestNet section. 

ProjectNet (runs until July 26)

ProjectNet’s purpose is to incentivize developers to check out Rell and build on Chromia. 

The demo dapp contest is designed for anyone with experience coding Web2 and Web3 applications - no previous experience with Rell is required.

We welcome any kind of submission, whether it be an original creation, something inspired by an existing application, or a direct adaptation of an existing application originally written in another programming language.

The winning dapps will be chosen by a six-person panel consisting of Chromia team members from the development, business development, and marketing teams.

We will be accepting submissions until July 26th, in order to give participants time to brush up on their Rell skills and start building!

QuestNet (June 18 - August 30)

QuestNet’s purpose is to incentivize new and existing community members to explore Chromia features and dapp related functions. 

The QuestNet program will kick off on June 18th with a few introductory tasks, and will be continuously expanded over the following weeks. 

The program will award a minimum total of 100,000 CHR tokens, and the allocation of these rewards will be determined by a series of lotteries held after the conclusion of the program. 

As an anti-bot measure, the exact criteria used to determine lottery eligibility will not be disclosed ahead of time. In general, the way to maximize your potential rewards is to complete all available quests, check the dashboard regularly, and stay informed about QuestNet by following Chromia on Telegram, Discord, and X.

Key Takeaways:

  • serves as the hub for the Incentivized Testing Program.
  • HackNet runs until June 28th, and is designed for developers, and other technically minded users. 
  • ProjectNet runs until July 26th, and is designed for developers.
  • QuestNet runs from June 18th to August 30th, and is designed for everyday users.
  • QuestNet rewards will be determined and distributed after the conclusion of the program.

About Chromia

Chromia is a Layer-1 relational blockchain platform that uses a modular framework to empower users and developers with dedicated dapp chains, customizable fee structures, and enhanced digital assets. By fundamentally changing how information is structured on the blockchain, Chromia provides natively queryable data indexed in real-time, challenging the status quo to deliver innovations that will streamline the end-user experience and facilitate new Web3 business models.

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