Introducing Chromia Learn: Your Go-To Hub for Dapp Development on Chromia!

Introducing Chromia Learn: Your Go-To Hub for Dapp Development on Chromia!

Today, we are excited to introduce Chromia Learn, our brand-new educational platform dedicated to facilitating dapp development within the Chromia ecosystem. Whether you're a curious newbie or a seasoned developer, this resource has been created to provide everyone with the knowledge and tools they need to flourish.

Why Chromia Learn?

The pioneering nature of our platform creates the need for specialized resources. Attracting developers, nurturing their skills, and providing them with the right tools is an essential part of our overall strategy. With Chromia Learn, we're turning our commitment into actionable guidance, tutorials, and resources that will foster innovation and expertise.

What’s Inside?

For our debut, we've rolled out our first two courses:

  1. A Book Review dapp: Designed to provide an introduction to the basics of the platform, this tutorial guides the user through creating a dapp that allows anyone to post reviews. 
  2. A Newsfeed dapp: Ever wondered how applications like Twitter or X work? This intermediate tutorial offers insights into crafting a similar (decentralized!) application, powered by Chromia.

These courses take a holistic approach, starting with the core basics of Chromia’s design, then transitioning into more advanced topics like the Rell programming language and integration with Metamask.

A Growing Library for All Skill Levels

Chromia Learn is not just a static platform. We envision it as a growing repository, continuously updated to reflect the dynamic world of dapp development. Over time, we'll be expanding our content, ensuring we cater to developers of every skill level – from those taking their first steps in the blockchain world to veterans looking to refine their craft.

Stay Engaged!

This is just the beginning of our journey with Chromia Learn. Expect new content additions, engaging calls to action, and a growing collection of resources aimed at empowering both aspiring and established blockchain coders.

We encourage anyone with an interest in developing on Chromia to check out our Official Documentation, as well as the ‘Dev’s Community’ channel on our Official Discord Server!

About Chromia
Modern society runs on data and every online service you’re using is built upon underlying databases - ranging from your online bank to music streaming and gaming. Chromia is a relational blockchain - a combination of a relational database and a blockchain - making it easy to develop user-friendly decentralized apps for almost any industry, including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and more.

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