Empower Your Future in Chromia: Learn & Earn!

Empower Your Future in Chromia: Learn & Earn!

Understanding Chromia can be challenging, but we're here to make it fun and rewarding for our community! That's why we're launching an 8-week campaign to learn more about Chromia while you have fun and also get the chance to earn rewards.

Our goal is to go beyond the textbooks and show you what makes Chromia unique among other blockchains. 

We've divided the campaign into two categories: Chromia Play Sessions and Individual Quests.

Chromia Play Sessions are times off from the hustle and bustle of life, where Chromians come together to chill and play featured games for fun and prizes! The events will happen on Fridays at 12 PM UTC, and the community must join us on Discord for interactive games, where you can test and apply your knowledge and share the prize pool of $3,000 in $CHR rewards.

  • ESTI-FRENZY - Send your best estimates; the entry closest to the correct figure, regardless of sequence, gets the point.
  • MY NEIGHBOR ALICE Aqua Adventure – Players with the highest quantity of fish caught within the time limit win.
  • MINES OF DALARNIA SPEEDRUN - Players must play Mines of Dalarnia and find the exit portal in the shortest time possible.
  • SNEAKY PEEKY - We'll display close-up images of famous subjects/images, then invite the audience to guess the identity of each. A correct answer earns a point.
  • CHAIN OF ALLIANCE - Win a battle and the raffle—Players must win one battle round, and the final winners will be selected through a raffle.
  • SMASH CARTS - Smash Karts is a 3D multiplayer kart battle game. Drive your go-kart, pick up weapons, and blow up other karts to win!
  • CRYPTIONARY: Guess the crypto terminologies.
  • POKER PALOOZA - Just your regular weekend vibes; sit with friends and have a good poker game. 

Individual Quests are your chance to explore Chromia in depth through Galxe Quests where you will need to read about Chromia and answer questions to earn rewards. The first one has just started. Participate and get the chance to share the prize pool of 1,000 $USDT here

Don't miss out on this opportunity to dive into Chromia, learn through exciting activities, and be rewarded for your efforts. Join us, and let's explore Chromia together!

About Chromia

Chromia is a Layer-1 relational blockchain platform that uses a modular framework to empower users and developers with dedicated dapp chains, customizable fee structures, and enhanced digital assets. By fundamentally changing how information is structured on the blockchain, Chromia provides natively queryable data indexed in real-time, challenging the status quo to deliver innovations that will streamline the end-user experience and facilitate new Web3 business models.

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