My Neighbor Alice's Alpha Season 3 Launches on Chromia Appnet June 27th!

My Neighbor Alice's Alpha Season 3 Launches on Chromia Appnet June 27th!

We're thrilled to announce that My Neighbor Alice’s Alpha Season 3 will launch on the first-ever Chromia Appnet on June 27th! This important collaboration will bring MNA’s unique multiplayer building and crafting gameplay to users everywhere.

Open to All Players
In a first for My Neighbor Alice, Alpha Season 3 will be open to the public. By utilizing a ‘free trial’ system, players can enjoy the experience of land ownership by borrowing a limited parcel of land from the Alice Foundation. The only requirement is a WalletConnect compatible wallet for authentication, making it easy for anyone to participate.

Interested players can pre-register for their rental parcel using this Google Form, provided by the My Neighbor Alice team.

On an optional basis, players will also be able to use ALICE tokens within the game to craft additional exclusive items. These tokens will be bridged from Binance Smart Chain (BSC), marking the first use of a bridged asset on Chromia Appnet!

Game Features in Alpha Season 3

Alpha Season 3 will see the return of beloved features such as fishing, farming, community quests, and land decoration. The season also introduces several new ways to enjoy the game:

  • Share land plots with friends and collaborate on tasks like watering plants
  • Craft and customize items and clothes
  • Stake ALICE tokens to craft exclusive items
  • Customize your in-game avatar
  • Try our first in-game branded experience, delivered in partnership with ELLE

Technical Details

ALICE Token Bridging
A new decentralized bridge will allow ALICE tokens from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to be sent to and from the My Neighbor Alice Appnet for in-game use.

Due to the pioneering nature of this feature, some technical issues may be encountered along the way. We encourage players to exercise caution and bridge smaller amounts of ALICE, especially at first. Our calculations estimate that 2500 ALICE would be the maximum one address could spend crafting in Season 3, and the vast majority of players will use far less than this.

Appnet ALICE tokens are used for in game actions only. In order to trade these tokens, they must be bridged back to BSC.

Users can initiate a transfer of ALICE tokens from the Appnet back to Binance Smart Chain at any time, but these requests will take approximately 72 hours to process. Processing time is calculated based on Binance Smart Chain block production, meaning that the actual duration may be slightly shorter or longer than 72 hours.

More information on the bridging solution will be provided as we approach the launch date!

NFT Bridging
NFTs bridging will continue to be supported by the MNA team’s bridge service used in previous Alpha Seasons. The roll out of a decentralized solution for NFTs is planned for Season 4.

Chromia’s Advantages
Chromia offers several benefits for players, including free transactions, fast and efficient storage of data, and decentralized game logic. Moreover, player sign in and progress are handled entirely on-chain, removing reliance on centralized services such as AWS. Every action performed in the game, such as fishing, farming, crafting, questing, is recorded and validated on the blockchain.

Providers for the MNA Appnet
The Alpha Season 3 Appnet will be supported by four providers: ChromaWay, Snowbridge, Dwellir, and Sunube.

Wallet Interface and Explorer
Users can view their ALICE balance in the game, on the marketplace, and through the bridging interface. Appnet activity will be trackable from

Data and Item Permanence at the End of Season 3
At the end of Alpha Season 3, all reward items and items that have been crafted using ALICE tokens will be migrated to Season 4 seamlessly with no action required by the player. However, all other items do not carry over and will be lost.  


Open to all, Alpha Season 3 invites players to try out the landowning experience and enjoy an array of familiar and new features. From sharing plots and collaborating on tasks to crafting customized items and clothes, the game promises fun for all. So, let's gear up for an unique gaming experience and dive into the world of My Neighbor Alice!

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