Revolve Games is Joining The Chromia Ecosystem!

Revolve Games is Joining The Chromia Ecosystem!

Today, we are unveiling our newest strategic partner in the world of blockchain gaming: Revolve Games.

Revolve Games is a play-to-earn blockchain gaming metaverse built around an innovative ‘stake-tethered’ NFT system. The project features a team of 12 full-time developers, solely focused on bringing their metaverse to life.

We are thrilled to report that Revolve Games has committed to utilizing Chromia’s technology extensively in the construction and delivery of their products. This commitment includes:

  • The use of Chromia as a Layer-2 solution
  • Adoption of the Chromia Originals NFT standard
  • Integration with the Chromia Originals marketplace
  • Adoption of Rell, Postchain, relational blockchain and FT3 architecture

Revolve’s $RPG token is currently deployed on Binance Smart Chain as well as Polygon. As mainnet functionalities become operational, we will facilitate the bridging of the $RPG token and pre-existing NFT assets to our chain as required.    

In addition, ChromaWay will be providing the development tools, documentation, and advisory services in order to allow the Revolve team to independently develop their platform and games. The teams will also collaborate to continuously improve and advance the applications of Chromia’s technology.

Business Development

We will also be sharing business development opportunities in order to expand the reach of both projects. Our first joint business endeavor will be the NFT.NYC Conference on November 3rd, where Revolve Games COO Jung Woong Park will attend as part of the Chromia delegation alongside Todd Miller of ChromaWay, Lenny Pettersson of My Neighbor Alice, and Keith McCollough of Mines of Dalarnia! More detail on this event will be shared in a forthcoming article.  

An Exciting New Chapter

As we move closer to Layer-2 and Layer-1 functionality, it becomes increasingly important to attract third party developers to our blockchain. In Revolve Games, we have found an energetic and professional team who share our enthusiasm for the future of blockchain gaming. From our entire team and community, welcome to the Chromia ecosystem!