A Closer Look at Chromia Explorer

A Closer Look at Chromia Explorer

Last week, we released the MVP version of Chromia Explorer. The term "MVP" refers to "minimum viable product," indicating that the explorer provides essential information about transactions and other network activity but does not yet include the more advanced features that will come later. Let's delve into the details.

Basic Functionality and Scope

The current version is designed to display data from a single network. Consequently, separate instances of the explorer are required to access information from different networks, such as the Testnet and Appnets.

There are currently two implementations of the Explorer:

Chromia Public Testnet - This explorer shows all of the activity on the current public testnet. Users can monitor both system chains and dapp chains, providing an overview of protocol functions, dapps, and utilities.

My Neighbor Alice Appnet - This explorer shows all of the activity on My Neighbor Alice’s Alpha Season 3 Appnet.

Exploring Chromia’s Modular Design
Chromia's modular design is readily apparent within the Explorer. This design approach encapsulates protocol functions and dapps within distinct blockchains. Within the "system" cluster, users can monitor the directory chain, the ClusterBlue anchoring chain, and the system-wide anchoring chain.

Within the "ClusterBlue” cluster, a range of dapps that have undergone testing on the public testnet can be found. Notable examples include BLK DNM and Chain of Alliance. Developer utility dapps have also been tested, including Filehub - a decentralized solution for storing files on the Chromia Network.

Future Features

We reached out to our DevEx team to share some insight into future additions to the Block Explorer. Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come:

Wallet Detail Pages
By inputting a wallet address, users will gain a comprehensive view of all transfers associated with that address across various chains. This feature simplifies transaction tracking and allows users to explore the intricate web of transfers with ease.

Dapp Analytics
Users can track trends and stay informed about the latest dapp developments. Whether seeking inspiration or wanting to explore trending dapps, users will leverage this feature to engage with the evolving Chromia Network landscape.

Improved Search Functionality
By fine-tuning the existing search bar, the explorer will deliver optimized results, making it easier for users to locate specific transactions, addresses, or information. This enhancement is designed to elevate the overall user experience and streamline information retrieval.

Multi-Network Support
Currently, separate instances of the explorer are required for different networks (i.e. Testnet, Appnets) but in the future there will be a toggle that allows users to switch between various networks from a single interface.

We Welcome Your Feedback

Our DevEx team is collecting feedback from users to help make the block explorer the best it can be. Please share your thoughts using this form.

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