Chromia Innovation Lab Applauds Visionary Participants of Pioneering Incubation Program

Chromia Innovation Lab Applauds Visionary Participants of Pioneering Incubation Program

The energy at ChromaWay’s Chromia Innovation Lab was electrifying as the second Incubation Program of 2023 reached its triumphant conclusion, shining a spotlight on a cohort of exceptionally talented blockchain visionaries, designers, and developers. Since its launch in January, this program has provided over 60 participants from 10 groundbreaking projects with an ideal platform to turn their visionary ideas into tangible solutions. The much-anticipated culmination, Demo Day, saw these exceptional participants presenting their cutting-edge projects before an esteemed audience of investors and partners, both in-person and virtually, in a dynamic hybrid event.

The event began with inspiring opening words from ChromaWay's Chief Solutions Officer, Zara Zamani, who set the tone for the celebration of innovation and achievement. She extended her heartfelt congratulations to the graduating participants, acknowledging their remarkable contributions to the world of blockchain technology.

"I'm so happy to witness our consistent growth, while the incubation program exhibits this potential, and we welcome outstanding solutions from diverse industries."

Chief Financial Officer, Ebba Theding, took the stage, emphasizing the program's role in fostering a vibrant blockchain ecosystem and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to drive meaningful change.

“I think that all of you have shown that by using the technology and twisting it to be a helpful instrument, playing with it, and finding ways to make use of it in exciting ways. Don't give up, and keep doing what you're doing.”

Prof. Terrance E. Brown, head of the incubation program, followed with an insightful presentation, highlighting the impact of the program and the transformative potential of the entrepreneurs' solutions.

“We have carefully curated the Incubation Program to create a nurturing environment for blockchain entrepreneurs," said Prof. Terrance E. Brown.

"The combination of online and physical interactions has allowed us to access global talent and foster a vibrant ecosystem for blockchain innovation."

The investment team, Niclas Wigstrom, and Niclas Tordhag, further added to the excitement with an informative talk about ChromaWay's rigorous investment process and the comprehensive evaluation of companies. With over 500 companies analyzed in the blockchain, crypto, and web3 space, the investment team showcased ChromaWay's status as a leading investment company in the world, boasting an impressive portfolio of successful ventures.

Drawing strength from Chromia's revolutionary 'relational blockchain' architecture, the ten final projects have merged the potent capabilities of a relational database with the decentralization blockchain. Chromia's public platform for decentralized applications has undeniably catapulted ChromaWay to the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

The real magic unfolded during the  Demo Day when the participants had their moment to shine, and each project demonstrated its viability and potential for growth. The excitement was palpable as participants discussed partnerships, funding, and the path ahead.

The participating projects are as follows:

  • Cyclothe AB
  • Latify
  • littlefish foundation
  • Monezo
  • NFT Labs, Inc.
  • PAWZ
  • RakeIn
  • Riskoptima
  • StableBattle
  • Uranus

During the event's closing, Zara Zamani, delivered a powerful message, acknowledging the challenges of the current market conditions and emphasizing the unique opportunity for serious entrepreneurs and dedicated builders to shine.

"We need to stick together and support each other through this bear market," Zara Zamani passionately stated.

"As we build during this phase, we will be ready to seize opportunities when the market turns bullish."

Zara Zamani encouraged participants to reach out for support and collaboration with ChromaWay during their Mainnet launch plan.

"You are more than welcome to be part of that journey with us," she concluded warmly.

During the event's closing, Ebba Theding, expressed gratitude to the organizers and extended appreciation to all the participants and their teams.

"I'm truly impressed with all the presentations today,"

"Each of you has shown exceptional skill in using and adapting the technology in exciting and innovative ways. Your dedication and creativity are crucial to the industry's growth."

In his closing remarks, Prof. Terrence E. Brown expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, mentors, support staff, and investors who made the Incubation Program a resounding success.

"I'd like to thank all the teams for their unwavering commitment throughout the program," said Prof. Terrence E. Brown.

"Your dedication and hard work have been truly impressive."

Prof. Terrence also shared his excitement about the potential funding opportunities that lie ahead and encouraged the participants to maintain their focus on solving real problems and continue pursuing their visions.

"We want to keep supporting you as you move forward," said Prof. Terrence E. Brown.

But the journey didn't end there! Chromia Innovation Lab closed the event with a splendid after-work celebration at their Stockholm office, where laughter, ideas, and intense discussions collided in a vibrant display of camaraderie. As participants and mentors bonded, connections were forged, and an unbreakable spirit of collaboration took root.

As the curtains fall on yet another groundbreaking Incubation Program, ChromaWay continues to write the future of blockchain innovation. The participants now carry the torch of transformation, ready to launch their projects and revolutionize industries worldwide.

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