Chromia Monthly Update: July 2023

Chromia Monthly Update: July 2023

Welcome to the seventh monthly update of 2023! These updates are provided to track the progress of the Testnet Expansion Phase, while also keeping you informed about all the news from around the world of Chromia.

This month saw the completion and public release of the MVP version of the FT4 Protocol and Chromia Wallet SDK. Both of these releases are important steps towards the widespread implementation of tokens across Chromia dapps. Read ahead for information on this development and more!

Feature Integration
This section shares important progress on development objectives, and also gives users a heads-up about upcoming changes that may require specific action.

The New Staking System is Live!
View this article for all of the key information.

Testnet Objectives and Progress

  • PCU (Precise Configuration Updates) development is completed, and will be integrated after the next testnet upgrade.
  • The MVP version of the FT4 Protocol has now been released. In addition, an MVP Wallet SDK has also been released. Read more about this topic here.
  • The next phase of development will focus on completing the Originals protocol, implementing tokens, working on bridges and completing roadmap objectives related to tokens (H-Bridge, Native CHR, etc.)

Recent or Upcoming Roadmap Changes

  • PCU will be changed to ‘Awaiting Integration’
  • FT4 will be changed to ‘Done’

Provider Network Growth
This section shares progress on the ongoing growth of our provider network.

  • System providers can participate in clusters that run system chains as well as dapp chains, while node providers can only participate in clusters that run dapp chains.
  • The network currently has 5 system providers: ChromaWay, Sunube, Dwellir, NGC and Snowbridge.
  • The network currently has 4 node providers: AM Cloud Sweden, WolfEdge, EXNT and Nocturnal Labs.
  • We anticipate adding more providers in August.

Ecosystem Development
This section shares news from new and existing projects, announcements from Chromia Innovation Lab and other incubation efforts, and highlights from our mid-month Developer Experience updates.

  • My Neighbor Alice launched their Alpha Season 3 on the first Chromia Appnet in late June. After a week, the game was taken offline after some technical issues were encountered. The Chromia and MNA teams have identified the necessary solutions and Alpha Season 3 will be brought back online in late August. To read more about this topic, check out these posts:

Chromia x MNA Appnet Report (Chromia Blog)

My Neighbor Alice Announcement: Season 3 Postponed (MNA Blog)

  • The seventh Developer Experience Team Update was published on our blog. This month’s highlights include the release of FT4 documentation and Java 17 support for Chromia CLI.
  • Chromia Innovation Lab and Netlight held a blockchain hackathon from May 29th to June 2nd. We recently posted this recap, sharing information about the event. Developers who entered the event without previous blockchain experience were able to build their ideas using Rell in a very short time, highlighting the benefits of relational blockchain.

Raising Awareness
This section shares news related to Chromia marketing. Appearances at crypto conferences, articles published on third-party outlets, ongoing promotions, highlights from the previous month’s content, and more.

  • On July 4th, we published this article about Chromia’s LDAP real word assets protocol and how it can improve crowdfunding in commercial real estate.
  • On July 12th, we published this article outlining ChromaWay’s acquisition of BLK DNM, plans for merging fashion with Web3, and what it means for Chromia.
  • Our friends at My Neighbor Alice shared this Twitter post about a private Coinstore event held in Ho Chi Minh City. MNA acted as a sponsor for the event and used the opportunity to network with several industry professionals!

Looking Ahead to August

  • Performing PCU testnet upgrade
  • Preparing for MNA Appnet Relaunch
  • Adding more providers to the network
  • Developers building on Chromia begin implementing FT4
  • Focused development on token implementations and bridging
  • More news and updates as they become available!

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