Chromia is off to Times Square for NFT.NYC 2022 June 20-23!

Chromia is off to Times Square for NFT.NYC 2022 June 20-23!

We are gearing up for our appearance at the 4th annual NFT.NYC Conference from June 20-23! NFT.NYC has been described by Coinbase as “The Superbowl of NFTs”, due to the massive size and scope of the event. Key players from all over the crypto industry will be in attendance!

Both Chromia and ChromaWay will be well represented, with several additional speakers from related ecosystem projects. Check out the full lineup below:

ChromaWay and Chromia:
Todd Miller (VP of Business Development and Partnerships)
Anastasia Plane (Senior Marketing Lead)

My Neighbor Alice:
Lenny Pettersson (CEO)
Riccardo Sibani (Chief Product Officer)

Mines of Dalarnia:
Keith McCollough (Chief Operating Officer)

These representatives will be manning booths and appearing in various panel discussions throughout the event!

See below for more information on the panels and our participation:

Panel Discussion: “Game Design for Play to Earn Games”

Anastasia, Keith and Lenny will take part in this panel discussion, along with Austin Stanfield (Divine Anarchy) and Quinn Campbell (Sky Mavis).

The discussion will explore the ways that game developers are continuously adapting and innovating in order to create balanced game economies that keep users engaged.

Panel Discussion: “What’s Real? NFT Real Estate Physical vs. Digital”

Todd will participate in this panel discussion, along with Lees Garcia (Metaverse Hospitality), Dean Tribble (Agoric), Alvaro Nunez (Super Luxury Group) and Jenny Guo (Highstreet).

The discussion will explore the application of NFTs in real estate, and explore the ways in which the line between the physical and the virtual is becoming increasingly blurred.

Panel Discussion: “Next Gen NFT Standards and Protocols”

Riccardo will take part in this panel discussion, along with Raullen Chai (IoTeX), Michael Sofaer (Tendermint), Jonathan Dorfman (Nfty Markets) and Victor Zhang (Smart Token Labs).

The discussion will explore the ways that blockchain developers are expanding the horizons of what is possible via NFTs by improving and in some cases reinventing the protocols and standards that powers today’s decentralized applications.

The Chromia/ChromaWay Booth

We will also have a booth at the event, where we will be focusing on promoting the advantages to building on our protocol. With several incubation and grant programs underway, we are looking to aggressively expand our ecosystem!

We can’t wait to network, present, and share our ideas with everyone at NFT.NYC! To learn more about this event, check out the official website here.