Chromia Monthly Update: January 2023

Chromia Monthly Update: January 2023

Welcome to the first monthly update of 2023! This year will see a change of format, with the update being divided into four sections: Feature Integration, Provider Network Growth, Ecosystem Development, and Raising Awareness.  

This month’s edition will outline what to expect in each of these sections, while also bringing you important news from around the world of Chromia. Let’s get down to business.

Feature Integration

This section will share important progress on development objectives, announce when new features go live, and give our users a heads-up about upcoming changes that may require specific action.

  • Our Gitlab has been busy in January, with new code being added on a daily basis and multiple merges per week. For those who like to dig a little deeper, check out the activity page or the merged requests page.  
  • We are preparing an updated staking page that offers interface improvements while also making room for an additional feature that will be required for Testnet Mark 2. When this page rolls out, no action will be required by users who are currently staking CHR. While the front end of the interface is being updated, the underlying contract will remain unchanged.

Provider Network Growth

This section will share progress on the ongoing growth of our provider network, while also documenting improvements being made to the onboarding process itself.

  • We have reached agreements with a handful of providers who will establish Testnet Mark 2. This is all we can say at this time, but we will be sharing more soon.

Ecosystem Development

This section will share news from existing projects within our ecosystem, while also highlighting new additions. It will also be used to highlight our Innovation Lab and other incubation programs, as well as share highlights from our mid-month Developer Experience Team Updates.    

  • Chromia Innovation Lab 2023 is underway. Applications closed in December, and acceptance letters were sent out on January 13th. A kick-off event was held on December 24th, and the first session will commence in February. In future updates, we will share highlights and insights about the participants in this year’s program.
  • The first Developer Experience Team Update was published on our blog. Providing developers with the best possible experience when building Chromia dapps is critical to building a thriving ecosystem. Check it out and read about important new tools including the Chromia CLI and the Rell extension for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code.
  • Let’s check in with My Neighbor Alice, who sent Lead Blockchain Developer Viktor Plane to the Pocket Gamer Connects (PGConnects) conference from January 23-24!

Raising Awareness

This section will share news related to Chromia marketing. Appearances at crypto conferences, promotions being organized with industry partners, highlights from the previous month’s content, and more will all be found here.

  • We have opened an official Medium account, which will publish snappy and informative articles about Chromia! This month's articles included “Chromia: More Than Copypasta” and “Programmable NFTs? Yes, Please!”. Follow our Medium account today!
  • We have completed some important branding and design work behind the scenes, laying the foundation for some notable changes in Chromia’s look and feel in the coming months.

Looking Ahead

Alternate title for this month’s update: “The Calm Before the Storm”. Bring on February!

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