Chromia Partner Spotlight: 4ire Labs

Chromia Partner Spotlight: 4ire Labs

In this article, we take a closer look at one of our third party development partners.  4IRE Labs is an IT and Consulting development company with a long standing relationship with Chromaway.

It is critical for Chromia to have skilled third party developers and consultants. Without the contribution of these third parties, the responsibility of development would fall solely on the core team, which limits the quantity, quality and scope of products that can be delivered. Let’s take a look at 4IRE Labs and some of the key contributions they have made and continue to make to the Chromia Ecosystem.

4IRE were one of the earliest adopters of the Rell language and the Chromia development suite. Their expertise led to key contributions for the Green Assets Wallet (GAW), a dApp already in use that is designed to bring efficiency to transparency to the green debt market. The experience and knowledge gained by the team during work on the GAW was then brought forward into their next developments.

AEGEON is a prototype for a financial investment platform running on the Chromia tech stack. By leveraging the power of Relational Blockchain, our teams came together to build a working proof of concept which has the capability to handle and query data in a more efficient and sophisticated fashion than other blockchains. During the ideation and prototyping process for AEGEON, refinements for Rell tooling and features were uncovered and added - features which are already being included into the dApps coming to Chromia in the near future.

The latest collaboration between 4IRE and Chromaway is possibly our most ambitious - the preparation and validation of an administrative application in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Details of this project are still under wraps, but we can say that this project follows in the footsteps of several other enterprise applications of our technology (GAW, LAC PropertyChain, Capchap, etc.). Chromia’s relational design and sidechain flexibility is finding fertile ground in applications that require the efficiency of a database with the transparency of a blockchain.

With the help of our many partners, we will continue to push the envelope for the use cases of blockchain. 4IRE Labs has played a crucial role in our progress so far, and we look forward to further exploration of the possibilities of both the Rell language and relational blockchain together.  To learn more, visit our website or drop by our Telegram channel.