Chromia Spaces

Chromia Spaces

Chromia Spaces is a multiplayer blockchain and NFT enabled persistent game world. Players will develop and stylize their robot avatar by completing missions, collecting items, and interacting with the user-generated in-game economy.

The game world will be an immersive 3D environment with a large shopping mall as the central hub. Part of the design philosophy of this product is to blur the lines between a ‘blockchain game’ and a traditional game by seamlessly integrating modern graphics, menus, and controls with blockchain-enabled backend functions.

How Does Blockchain Enhance its Functionality?

Players will have true ownership of their items due to seamless blockchain integration. Because your inventory is mirrored on the Chromia blockchain, the items in the game are not simply bits of data on a centralized server but tokenized property belonging only to your address.

Single sign-on integration means your wallet is your account. No second user ID or password is required!

Asset bridging from other chains to Chromia means users will be able to transact in both native CHR and native CHR-based assets and wrapped versions of other cryptocurrencies, particularly Ethereum and popular ERC-20 tokens.

In-game transactions are trustless and instantly settled - when you buy an item from another user’s store for CHR, they receive the CHR, and you receive the tokenized item - all via blockchain transactions running unobtrusively in the background!

Chromia’s ability to save game states and other necessary information in a database format means the game world can be a persistent shared world that evolves naturally over time.

Why Chromia Spaces? Why Now?

The original concept and the pre-alpha demo for Spaces have been in our ‘back pocket’ for a while but haven’t reached the development stage due to the other priorities (i.e., completing and launching the mainnet, incubating other IP, etc.). With these other projects becoming self-sustaining and progress being made on the mainnet, the time is right to prioritize the development of this concept.

As the blockchain gaming sector has evolved, it has become apparent that there is a massive demand for virtual words, open marketplaces, and crossover with other brands and products. Chromia Spaces is ideally suited to meet all of these demands dynamically and excitingly.

Use cases for Players

  • Open a storefront in the mall to sell NFT collectibles, character skins for Spaces (as well as other games!), or anything else that is tokenized
  • Complete missions and trade with other users to build your digital net worth (P2E)
  • Create meeting spaces for special groups, clubs, or events and control who can access your ‘space’
  • Trade supported assets P2P through a trustless and dynamic interface

Use Cases for Content Creators, Brands, Influencers, Crypto Projects, etc.

  • Chromia Spaces is envisioned as an open ecosystem that welcomes third party addition, development, and expansion
  • Spaces is NOT envisioned as a closed, proprietary environment ‘on rails’ that imposes restrictions on users and content creators
  • Create a storefront designed to sell, promote or advertise
  • Create themed objects or ornaments for avatars to raise awareness
  • Create mini-games, missions, or other interactive experiences that give players some incentive to interact with your product outside of the game world

Showcasing the strengths of Chromia

With Spaces, we believe we will have the perfect vehicle to demonstrate the inherent advantages of our platform. Spaces will benefit from all of the following:

  • Enhanced NFT functionality via the Chromia Originals NFT standard
  • Scalability
  • Bridged assets
  • Seamless backend integration of blockchain
  • Proof of concept for HQ front-end graphics with blockchain backend
  • Flexible network fee structure
  • Advanced data handling and storage via relational blockchain
  • SSO (single sign-on)

When will development on Chromia Spaces begin?

A closed pre-alpha version of the game already exists - in fact, the trailer includes several clips from developer gameplay! Still, the product is in the early stages and will require a full development cycle which will begin in 2022. As always, keep an eye on our channels to receive further updates!

Chromia Spaces DEMO

About Chromia

Chromia is a relational blockchain platform developing Layer-1 and Layer-2 solutions for the next generation of decentralized applications. Their core team of Alex Mizrahi, Or Perelman, and Henrik Hjelte are notable contributors to the cryptocurrency space, with roots stretching back to the earliest forms of blockchain tokenization. By combining the security of blockchain with the flexibility of databases, Chromia aims to unlock new possibilities for blockchain based development.

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