Chromia will be adding Chronicle to its list of partners

Chromia will be adding Chronicle to its list of partners

Today, we are happy to report that Chromia will be adding Chronicle to its list of partners.

Chronicle is an upcoming NFT platform and marketplace that will feature collectibles licensed directly by some of the world’s biggest brands. Unlike existing NFT platforms that focus primarily on existing cryptocurrency users, Chronicle is created for fans and intends to leverage fan networks through traditional digital marketing methods. The project’s team boasts a wealth of experience and includes Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment connections.

Creating a robust system for the collection and trading of NFTs requires advanced database management and storage. Since Chromia’s relational database structure allows it to excel at both tasks, collaboration with Chronicle is a natural fit.

In the words of Chronicle co-founder Tim Glover, “It’s one thing to come up with an idea like Chronicle. Technical partners like Chromia help us turn those ideas into a reality.”

Our teams will be working together closely in 2021, leading up to the App release in Q3. Moving forward, we will also collaborate on community initiatives and researching novel applications of NFT standards.

“We’re delighted to be working with Chronicle,” Chromia’s COO and Co-Founder Or Perelman said. “Bringing digital collectibles from beloved brands to the blockchain is exciting. We look forward to our ongoing relationship.”

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