Chromia Included in Latest UniFarm Cohort!

Chromia Included in Latest UniFarm Cohort!

We are pleased to report that UniFarm’s 11th farming cohort will include the Chroma token (CHR). We are joined in this cohort by UniFarm (UFARM), OpenDefi (ORO), Polkally (KALLY), Idavoll Network (IDV) and Ispolink (ISP).

  • Each project will provide $25,000 USD worth of reward tokens, making the the total reward pool $150,000 USD
  • The farm will accept $250,000 worth of Chroma tokens. Users may also stake up to $250,000 worth of any of the other participating cryptocurrencies.
  • The farm goes live on June 2 At 7 PM IST | 1.30 PM UTC

Farming Details:

  • The longer you stake, the more rewards from participating projects you receive. If you stake CHR tokens, you will receive bonus CHR tokens in the first week. During the second consecutive week of staking you will receive CHR as well as UFARM tokens. During the third consecutive week you will receive CHR, UFARM, and KALLY, and so on.
  • Users can unstake anytime, however, unstaking will reset their clock back to zero. The system has an inbuilt compounding gamified framework. The longer you stay in, the more benefits you accrue.
  • This UniFarm Pool will last for 90 days
  • Participants will receive a minimum APY of 36% and a maximum APY of 250%

UniFarm’s unique staking model has generated a high level of interest - their cohorts continue to fill faster and faster, with some reached over 1m USD staked in hours. We advise our community to have their $CHR prepared for the launch so they can strike quickly! UniFarm’s current TVL stands at $9.5 Million USD+ and can be checked live at any time at  We have included a list below of past projects who have collaborated with UniFarm - there are some notable projects in the list, and we are happy to become one of them!

Past UniFarm cohorts:

  • Cohort 1: Matic (now Polygon), Reef Finance, Centaur, OpenDeFi and Frontier
  • Cohort 2: OpenDeFi, Matic (now Polygon), Zeroswap, Nord Finance, Router Protocol and Terra Virtua
  • Cohort 3: OpenDeFi, Razor Network, PAID network, MANTRA DAO, PLOTX, Royale Finance
  • Cohort 4: OpenDeFi, Razor Network, Playcent, HAPI, Apyswap
  • Cohort 5: OpenDeFi, Yellow Road, JulSwap, Multiplier Finance
  • Cohort 6: OpenDeFi, Polkacover, GamyFi, RioDefi
  • Cohort 7: OpenDefi , UniFarm , Cook Protocol , Unido, Umbrella Network
  • Cohort 8 : OpenDefi, UniFarm, Polkabridge, DeHive, Kylin Network, Argo, Quai dao , Polkalokr
  • Cohort 9: OpenDefi, UniFarm, Raze network, Netvrk, BonFi
  • Cohort 10: OpenDefi, UniFarm, StackOS, ForTube, Collateral Pay
  • Cohort 11: Chromia, UniFarm, OpenDefi, Polkally, Idovall, Ipsolink