CoolWallet Adds Support for Chromia’s CHR Token

CoolWallet Adds Support for Chromia’s CHR Token

We are pleased to announce that CoolWallet, a leading maker of hardware wallets, will be integrating default support for the CHR token.

Support for both ERC-20 for BEP-20 CHR tokens will be added, with the integration expected to be fully completed by July 2021. Currently, users can add any ERC-20 as a custom token, but these tokens do not display icons and have no further functionalities within the CoolWallet ecosystem. This integration will mean that CHR will appear in default lists in the app, have our logo displayed, and open the possibility for future staking and DeFi options within the app.

In addition to the above, CoolWallet has also committed to supporting the native CHR token when this feature is activated on our mainnet.

Who are CoolWallet?

CoolWallet is a hardware wallet manufacturer on the cutting edge of security and design. Unlike other hardware wallets, which come in the form of clunky USB-style thumb drives, both the CoolWallet S and CoolWallet Pro are the size of a standard credit card, with a thickness of 0.6mm and a weight of only 6 grams.

These wallets communicate with your mobile device (iOS & Android) using an encrypted Bluetooth connection. This means there are no wires to the plugin - as long as your card is within 10m of your device, you are ready to go! To ensure optimal security, besides the biometric verification steps from your mobile device, a visual check on the e-ink display and the physical confirmation button push on the CoolWallet device itself is required to verify that you are in control of your CoolWallet. A perfect combination of security and convenience to fully control your assets where and when you need them.

CoolWallet already supports a long list of top cryptocurrencies, and we are excited to add our name to this list.

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