Developer Experience Team - Monthly Update #4 (April 2023)

Developer Experience Team - Monthly Update #4 (April 2023)

Greetings Chromia Developers and Community,

Welcome to the fourth installment of our mid-month DevEx Team Update! Our goal is to provide you with the latest updates on the improvements being made to documentation, tooling, and network design to support the growth of the Chromia ecosystem.

Please note, our monthly retail updates focusing on development milestones, network/ecosystem expansion, and marketing efforts will continue to be released at the end of each month.

Important News

Later in April, a major upgrade will be performed on the Testnet which will establish multi cluster support and cross cluster communication (ICMF and ICCF). As a result of this upgrade, all data on the Testnet will be wiped.

This is expected behavior, and similar upgrades with resulting data loss will occur at various stages on the path to mainnet. Developers who require persistent application data are encouraged to set up a private network. See more on this topic in the next section.

Documentation Updates

  • Our team has completed the documentation on how to set up a private network containing multiple nodes for staging, testing, and development. This is useful for developers who want more control over their application data during major Testnet upgrades. Check it out here.
  • Significant progress has been made on the Network Provider documentation section. Work is ongoing, as there is still more to add.

Tooling and Feature Updates

  • The ‘go to definition’ function has been enabled for the Rell VS Code plugin
  • A new version of Chromia CLI has been released (Version 0.5.1):
  • Support for Rell v0.12.0
  • The CLI Codegen tool generates client stubs based on Rell code and now supports Kotlin, Typescript, and Javascript
  • Standardized aliases for commands, with two letters of each command and subcommand
  • Revision of Deployment command (including commands for starting/stopping/inspecting blockchains)
  • Adding support for environmental variables in the config file
  • Enabled code completion in bash/zsh/fish

What We Are Currently Working On

  • Completing a design review of the Block Explorer to ensure that is it user-friendly while also providing all necessary information for developers and dapp users
  • Conducting a spring cleaning of our documentation to ensure that all content is up to date, relevant, and properly organized
  • Developing a short code example that will be easy to follow, with an accompanying video tutorial included to guide developers through the process
  • Adding a feature to the CLI that allows developers to add Rell modules as a library (similar to doing npm install in a node environment). For example, developers will be able to add FT4 support to their application with a single command. This feature will greatly increase the ease and efficiency of building complex dapps on Chromia.

Until Next Month,

The Chromia Developer Experience Team

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