Join Todd Miller at NFT.NYC 2023 for “NFTs and Real World Assets: The Future of DeFi Protocols”

Join Todd Miller at NFT.NYC 2023 for “NFTs and Real World Assets: The Future of DeFi Protocols”

NFT.NYC 2023 is set to take place from April 12-14, bringing together leaders, influencers, developers, and fans of non-fungible tokens in New York City. Among the attendees will be Todd Miller, VP of Business Development and Partnerships at ChromaWay, who will be moderating a panel discussion focused on real world asset (RWA) protocols and their role in the future of decentralized finance.

First held in 2019, NFT.NYC focuses on companies and individuals using NFTs to advance the adoption of blockchain beyond its current use cases to reach a mainstream audience. The conference brings together leading names from across the industry to participate in talks, debates, discussion panels and workshops. ChromaWay will be participating for the fourth year in a row, joining other blockchain companies in showcasing their latest innovations and discussing the latest trends in the space.

RWA protocols are becoming a growing part of the Web3 ecosystem, allowing lending and investment protocols to be backed by stable forms of revenue-generating assets like real estate and account receivables. These protocols currently account for over $450 million in active loan value and more than $4.2 billion in total loan value.

The panel discussion will introduce this new generation of protocols, while exploring their various use cases. Joining Todd on the panel will be Aaron Collett, Senior Credit Manager at Warbler Labs, and Asad Khan, DeFi Politician at Centrifuge.

Warbler Labs is the team behind the Goldfinch Protocol, a credit protocol that lends to real-world businesses. Centrifuge is a real world asset protocol, the first to bring RWAs on-chain and use them as collateral for DeFi projects like MakerDAO and Aave. ChromaWay has recently introduced a new protocol called RWATP (Real World Asset Tokenization Protocol) that is EVM compatible and will eventually run on the Chromia blockchain. With this protocol, ChromaWay aims to provide an innovative solution that can enable greater efficiency, transparency, and accessibility to the real estate and the capital raising ecosystem . RWATP is being deployed through ChromaWay partner Bloqhouse, an Amsterdam-based investor management and issuance platform. Issuers using the protocol include, a US-based real estate fund and Immotokens, a Belgium fintech focused on tokenization.

The event will provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to gain insights into the future of RWA protocols and their potential impact on the Web3 ecosystem. The panel will take place on the Legal and Finance Stage at 9:35 AM on Friday April 14th at the North Javitz Conference Center (Hudson Yards). To learn more about everything happening at NFT.NYC 2023, check out the official website.

Hope to see you there!

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