Developers of Chromia Design Blockchain for Swedish Government Report Researching AI and Governance Solutions

Developers of Chromia Design Blockchain for Swedish Government Report Researching AI and Governance Solutions

The new realities and possibilities in the world are leading the Swedish Government to re-examine best practices for both record keeping and governance. Emerging blockchain and AI technologies are uniquely suited to tackling many of these challenges, due to the need for security, immutability and automation.

ChromaWay was one of the first blockchain companies in the world to clearly demonstrate the practical uses of blockchain by demonstrating the usefulness of it’s relational blockchain technology in improving existing legacy systems and processes. By completing a pilot project with Kairo Futures, SBAB, Telia Company and the Swedish Land Registry Agency, ChromaWay managed to show a safer, easier and more transparent way to purchase and register real-estate for the involved parties. It was the first example of a national authority embracing the new technology and putting it on display.

Following the success of this pilot program, the Swedish Land Registry Agency and the Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) was assigned by the Swedish government to create a report on “testing new technology on automatisation for the public administration”. ChromaWay was chosen as a consulting agency during the creation of this report, not only to share its experience and knowledge on working with the Swedish Land Registry Agency pilot, but also to advise on how to relate AI to blockchain and effectively merge the technologies.

The findings of the report (published on the 15th of December 2020) addressed the need to establish a system of trust based on clarity, transparency and rule of law. The report mentioned The Swedish Land Registry pilot as an example on how to fulfill those obligations and that it could serve as a generic model for all public administration services in Sweden. DIGG and the Swedish Land Registry Agency concluded that a model of trust with AI could strengthen the trust in automated decision making, not only in Sweden but across the European Union.

It was recommended that DIGG should be given the mission of developing, scaling up and establishing the model in Sweden and the EU. Please read our article where ChromaWay Chief Solutions Architect Jorgen Modin presents the Blockchain-AI solutions explored for a Swedish government report explaining how blockchain technology “balances” Artificial Intelligence.

ChromaWay is excellently positioned to assist governments in bringing much needed clarity to a the more automated future world of public governance.

We invite everyone to review the report published on the website of the Authority for Digital Administration (DIGG):