ChromaWay provides strategic investment and relational blockchain technology to asset authentication startup Lingon Certificates AB

ChromaWay provides strategic investment and relational blockchain technology to asset authentication startup Lingon Certificates AB

Experts estimate that $4.5 trillion of counterfeit goods are sold globally each year.  The majority of these counterfeits are exclusive and limited-edition products. Lingon Certificates AB offer a solution to counteract the gray market by providing tamper-proof digital certificates. These certificates ensure authenticity, prove ownership, and protect the value of these limited and unique assets.

ChromaWay is pleased to announce our investment in and collaboration with Lingon Certificates, providing a technical solution custom fitted for this purpose which serves a growing market with explicit and urgent needs.

Ebba Theding, CFO, ChromaWay
"In the Lingon team we saw extremely motivated and experienced entrepreneurs with a very strong product and market focus. And with our shared vision of how certificates of authenticity can revolutionize market trust with blockchain we look forward to building a kick ass application."

To be able to offer a fully comprehensive certificate there are no shortcuts. ChromaWay and Lingon will create a trustless solution by giving each asset a fully traceable and transparent digital identity on the blockchain that rules out the possibility of tampering. By leveraging the capabilities of relational blockchain, we will bring manufacturers and certificate owners together on a scalable and secure authentication platform.

Ulf Enhörning, CEO, Lingon Certificates. “At the heart of Lingon lies the desire to safeguard authenticity of assets and improve trust in trade interactions. In ChromaWay we have found a partner who not only shares those values but also contributes with deep understanding and knowledge of the blockchain infrastructure. On their platform, Lingon´s services can create a maximum of value to its users. After searching around the globe for potential partners, we realized that the answer was just around the corner. In ChromaWay, we have found world-class competence and a local partner with whom we can thrive in our ambition to further contribute to the Swedish tech wonder.”

The Lingon wallet apps for management and validation of digital certificates as well as future marketplace features will offer endless opportunities for both consumers and manufacturers. Lingon’s vision is to create user oriented, seamless products that will build instant trust. ChromaWay’s relational blockchain technology provides the flexibility and capabilities necessary to deliver this vision.

ChromaWay and Lingon Certificates are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.