Fieldstream and Chromia: Pioneers in AI Marketing Analytics

Fieldstream and Chromia: Pioneers in AI Marketing Analytics

Fieldstream is a Stockholm-based company established in August 2021 with the goal of revolutionizing the marketing industry. By integrating science-based insights with the art and creativity that drive successful campaigns, Fieldstream aims to provide data-driven insights to companies worldwide and help the industry shift towards more efficient and quantifiable advertising strategies.

The centerpiece of Fieldstream's approach is the "Marketing Analyzer," an AI optimization tool that leverages the MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling) model. This model uses statistical analysis to evaluate the impact of marketing decisions, both in the present and future. With a team of experts in fields such as AI, statistics, advertising, and media, Fieldstream is setting a new benchmark in strategy and analytics for a post-Web2 world.

Fieldstream and ChromaWay enjoy a close relationship, both being based in Stockholm Central Station and ChromaWay's CFO, Ebba Theding, serving as a senior advisor to Fieldstream. In 2022, Fieldstream participated in the Chromia Innovation Lab program, further strengthening the bond between the two companies and laying the foundation for future integration between the Marketing Analyzer and Chromia's relational blockchain technology.

Fieldstream's development team is actively exploring ways in which Chromia can improve and enhance their backend operations. Possible implementations being considered include a real-time analytics platform for clients, a decentralized user database, and the use of Chromia Filehub for file storage and record keeping.

"Chromia is a powerful tool that has the potential to streamline both Fieldstream's product delivery and operations. We are exploring several applications, and both companies will continue to work closely during the ideation phase," says Ebba Thedding.

As the use of machine learning and AI models continues to grow, we are proud to have Fieldstream as a partner. We look forward to watching the marketing landscape evolve alongside them while providing innovative and flexible blockchain-based solutions that can give them a competitive advantage.

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