Hackathon for the Partner Collaboration Week: Netlight & Chromia Innovation Lab

Hackathon for the Partner Collaboration Week: Netlight & Chromia Innovation Lab

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Hackathons are an exceptional way for developers to showcase their creativity while using the tools they are provided with. For the recent Partner Collaboration Day, ChromaWay and Netlight organized a blockchain hackathon creating an opportunity to come up with innovative ideas and to use them on the Chromia Testnet. The hackathon was held between May 29th and June 2nd, 2023, and it was an opportunity for developers to get to know blockchain and deploy their dApps in just a week!

The Hackathon commenced with an introduction and guidelines outlining the key success factors for the projects. These criteria included Relevance, Completeness, Scalability, Creativity, Presentability, and Implementation. Equipped with the criteria, the teams enthusiastically embarked on their projects, eager to showcase their skills on blockchain.

We were honored to have esteemed members of the ChromaWay team, including the visionary Chief Financial Officer, Ebba Theding, and the inspiring Chief Solutions Officer, Zara Zamani. Their presence served as a constant source of inspiration, reaffirming our unwavering belief in the transformative power of blockchain technology.

ChromaWay's Chief Financial Officer, Ebba Thedding, said, "Being on this journey to create Chromia is super exciting, and these events are critical. This is a historic moment, and you, the developers, are paving the way for others."

The event was designed so that the Netlight consultants who participated in the hackathon, had no previous experience in blockchain before the event. At the end of the week, they were able to build their ideas on Chromia. Teams, including developers and designers from Netlight, worked together to not only come up with novel ideas but implement them using Rell, deploy them to the Chromia Testnet, and make the most of relational blockchain capabilities. At the end of the hackathon, 5 teams were formed, and each of them presented their ideas, projects, and details of what they had done.

  • Alice in Blockchains
  • BikeChain
  • Block9
  • TicketHawk
  • TrackChain

This internal event exemplified the successful integration of non-blockchain developers into the world of blockchain, showcasing the seamless collaboration and transition into Relational Blockchain. Reiterating the potential and power of blockchain, Chief Solutions Officer Zara Zamani shared more about why she was drawn to blockchain, sharing that the “lack of equality and transparency always seemed unfair. When I learned about blockchain I realized this was what I could use to make a change in the world. Here at Chromia, one of our biggest values is giving power back to the public, and that is what I love”.

From the developer’s point of view

The participants were given a crash course on Rell, Chromia’s custom-made programming language, and shown how practical, expressive, and concise it is to use. They were also able to use the Testnet, which was a great experience both for participants and for the Testnet developers to get feedback. The teams were quickly able to get to grips with Rell, and enjoyed getting to test the Testnet!

One of our software developers that contributed to the event said:

“The participants were able to learn from our crash course and deploy their first dApp in one week, which was impressive to see. There were bright questions, creative ideas, and many more.”

Lina Hagman, Partner at Netlight, expressed her excitement about the creative, challenging, and enjoyable collaboration with ChromaWay, stating;

"The engagement from within both our organizations, combined with the clear key principles and success factors in the hackathon, is why the teams were able to achieve such significant progress in their projects within a short timeframe. As a member of the jury, I was equally impressed by the innovative solutions developed by the teams and the unwavering support and involvement from ChromaWay and the Chromia Innovation Lab."

BikeChain Rides to Victory

Following five captivating presentations and an arduous evaluation process, the Jury unveiled the winner: BikeChain. The solution and valuable insights on the usability of the Chromia blockchain have impressed the Jury while also being impressed by each team’s remarkable progress throughout this one-week hackathon.

A heartfelt thank you extends to all participants, including the teams, esteemed Jury, and advisors, for their invaluable contributions to this extraordinary event. We are delighted to witness developers explore the Testnet and unleash their creativity, making this a truly remarkable experience.

About Netlight

Netlight is an IT and management consultancy of 2 000 role models making aspiring digital leaders successful. Providing a full range of consultancy services from technology and design to data and management. Several times they have been awarded as top employer, as well as for growth, continued profitability and engagement for equality and diversity within the IT industry. Located in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Zurich, Cologne and Amsterdam.

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