Developer Experience Team - Monthly Update #7 (July 2023)

Developer Experience Team - Monthly Update #7 (July 2023)

July 14, 2023

Greetings Chromia Developers and Community,

Welcome to the seventh installment of our mid-month DevEx Team Update! Our goal is to provide you with the latest updates on the improvements being made to documentation, tooling, and network design to support the growth of the Chromia ecosystem.

Please note, our monthly retail updates focusing on development milestones, network/ecosystem expansion, and marketing efforts will continue to be released at the end of each month.

Documentation Updates

  • Work has begun on improving the overall layout of our developer documentation. We will be adding subsections and adding more clickable navigation elements in order to make our documentation more intuitive and easy to use. The first area of focus will be the section dedicated to the Rell language. We plan to complete the optimizations to this section in September.
  • FT4 documentation is completed, and will be released at the same time as the protocol. We anticipate that this will occur before the end of July.
  • Typescript Postchain Client documentation has been updated to align with the new version that was released in late June.

Tooling and Feature Updates

Chromia CLI

  • CLI has been updated to support Java 17.
  • Improved global exception handling, errors will be presented in a more human readable way and automatically logged to chromia-cli.log

Typescript Postchain Client

  • We released an update in the second half of June that significantly improved the usability and reliability of the API.

Block Explorer

  • We have completed and implemented the MVP block explorer. It is currently being used internally, and will be made available for public use after further cosmetic improvements to the UI (coloring, text style, branding, etc.)

Microsoft VS Code Rell Plugin

  • An Alpha version of the Rell formatter is nearing completion and will be released in the next week or so. Experienced Rell developers will be testing the formatter and providing feedback about how it can be further refined. This is part of an ongoing effort to establish ‘best practices’ for coding in Rell

IntelliJ Rell Plugin

  • We are working to complete Version 1 of the IntelliJ plugin. The initial version will have BNF support for detection of grammatical errors, basic autocompletion, code formatting, and code colorization.

Current Development Tasks

  • Release FT4 documentation simultaneous with FT4 completion
  • Complete branding and other UI improvements to prepare block explorer for public use
  • Collaborate with alpha testers of the formatter to establish best practices for Rell
  • Complete version 1 of the IntelliJ plugin
  • Work on optimizations for Rell documentation

Until Next Month,

The Chromia Developer Experience Team

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