Why Chromia and its Ecosystem Will Benefit from LaunchJoy: Key Takeaways from November’s AMA

Why Chromia and its Ecosystem Will Benefit from LaunchJoy: Key Takeaways from November’s AMA

In mid-November, Chromia’s official Telegram channel hosted an insightful AMA with the upcoming Chromia-powered Web3 and gaming platform, LaunchJoy. If you missed it, you can catch up on it here.

For your convenience, let’s run down some of the key points from the AMA and learn why the addition of LaunchJoy will benefit the Chromia ecosystem and CHR token holders.

1. CHR Stakers earn POINTS, so LaunchJoy adds an additional benefit for CHR stakers.

LaunchJoy will include an internal currency known as POINTS. These POINTS can be used within the platform to unlock various perks, participate in auctions, and enter raffles. What makes this feature particularly intriguing for Chromia holders is that POINTS can be earned by staking CHR tokens. This offers stakers an additional incentive and benefit for their participation within the ecosystem and enhances the overall utility of CHR as an asset.

2. LaunchJoy will provide a ready-made NFT marketplace and launch platform for new and existing Chromia-powered games and projects.

Chromia’s ecosystem already includes a number of games, including My Neighbor Alice, Mines of Dalarnia, and Chain of Alliance. LaunchJoy will provide a central hub where users can trade NFTs from all of these projects. In addition, new Chromia-based NFT projects and games will have a convenient marketplace and platform on which to list and launch their offerings, tapping into an existing user base and ultimately contributing further growth to our Web3 gaming ecosystem. 

3. ‘Cross-Gaming’ opportunities will create synergies across the Chromia ecosystem.

Chromia’s modular design, cross-chain communication, and Originals Protocol will allow for new ‘cross-gaming’ experiences. LaunchJoy plans to facilitate collaborations between ecosystem projects that can connect users across multiple games. For example, a single NFT could be used in more than one game, or users may need to complete tasks across multiple games to unlock exclusive rewards. These synergies will help build a more vibrant and engaged Chromia gaming community. 

4. LaunchJoy is on the cutting edge with Chromia Originals.

LaunchJoy is working closely with the Chromia team and will be one of the first projects to integrate the Originals NFT Protocol. A marketplace for Originals can bring a new dimension to NFTs, especially in relation to gaming. 

Because these NFTs can grow and evolve over time, players can monetize the time and resources they put into their development. For example, a piece of land that has been maintained and enhanced will be more desirable and valuable than a basic piece of land from the same collection. As another example, a user could acquire a basic sword NFT and then level it up by using it in battles. Subsequently, this upgraded sword can be sold in its enhanced state, rendering it significantly more valuable and appealing compared to its initial form.

The outcome of this innovative approach is a marketplace that is dynamic in nature. Here, a player's actions and efforts carry weight, allowing them to meaningfully influence the value and desirability of their digital assets. This shift in NFT functionality opens up exciting possibilities for gamers and collectors alike, adding a new layer of depth and engagement.

LaunchJoy’s Timeline

For those eager to get involved with LaunchJoy, the platform is currently running its 'early campaign.' During this promotional period, users can complete tasks in exchange for rewards, including Discord Roles, POINTS, $USDT, and $CHR. This early campaign is set to continue until mid-January.

Users can also earn POINTS by staking CHR tokens through Chromia’s official staking page.

LaunchJoy is planning to launch the first version of their app early next year. For more information on the platform, check out their official website today. 

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