Chromia Year in Review: 2023

Chromia Year in Review: 2023

Welcome to the twelfth and final monthly update of 2023! This installment will take a different format from usual, reviewing highlights from the past year. Regular updates will return at the end of January, with some organizational changes to align with the recently refreshed roadmap.

2023 Highlights by Month


January marked the release of our first Developer Experience Update, a monthly post that covers the work being done by the DevEx team to provide high-quality tools and documentation for programmers building on Chromia. These updates can be easily found by visiting the official blog and clicking the ‘Developers’ category.


In February, we launched the Chromia Mark 2 Testnet. The testnet began as a small group of provider nodes arranged in a single cluster and marked the start of the Testnet Expansion Phase. Since then, we have delivered numerous upgrades and updates while significantly expanding the size of our provider network.


In March, our CEO, Henrik Hjelte, held an AMA on our official Twitter channel. Topics discussed included how Chromia can help deliver complex dapps, public vs. private blockchains, advantages vs. other blockchain platforms, and bringing NFTs fully on-chain. 


April brought the beginning of the first major testnet upgrade. This upgrade added the following essential features: Postchain v3.9.0 support, multi-cluster support, ICMF and ICCF, and cluster and system-level anchoring. These milestones were reached after months of development and represented a key step on the journey toward both Appnet and mainnet.  


In May, we introduced Chromia Appnet, a closed beta network for select dapps to showcase Chromia technology in advance of mainnet. This initiative set the stage for MNA’s Alpha Season 3 and the Shared Appnet, which now hosts multiple projects.


In June, we announced the launch of our Real World Asset protocol, LDAP. The EVM-based version of the protocol is already being utilized by partners like Bloqhouse, and the Chromia-based version will be released in 2024. Learn more about LDAP by checking out our website and this written Q&A with Todd Miller, ChromaWay’s VP of Business Development.


July marked the public release of the FT4 Protocol and the Wallet SDK. FT4 is the token standard that will be used for most fungible assets on the mainnet. The Wallet SDK provides the tools developers need to build dapp-specific wallets while also serving as the starting point for our official multi-dapp wallet Chromia Vault, which is currently in development. 


My Neighbor Alice launched their standalone Appnet for Alpha Season 3. This season ran until October and provided the first public example of a Chromia-powered dapp that was fully on-chain and allowed users to bridge an asset from Binance Chain (ALICE) and use it in the game. AS3 was a critical step forward and a precursor to Shared Appnet.


In September, we released the Chromia Explorer MVP. Since then, the Explorer has received continuous updates, adding additional features, including multi-network support and a dapp activity tracker. The interface will continue to evolve as more functionality is added over time. 


October saw the launch of Shared Appnet, building upon the success of MNA’s Alpha Season 3. Shared Appnet established a network that multiple dapps could utilize simultaneously. Later in the month, we unveiled BLK DNM Connected Fashion as the first dapp to launch on the Appnet.


November was an important month for Chromia’s ecosystem, with the VfB Stuttgart Digital Collectibles Marketplace launching on Shared Appnet. In addition, Mines of Dalarnia rolled out their idle add-on game Modbots. Modbots utilizes Chromia technology for game logic, reducing gas fees significantly for end users.


In early December, we published our updated roadmap while also announcing that Chromia Mainnet 1.0 will launch in 2024! This marked the beginning of our ‘Road to Mainnet,’ which will lead us into an exciting and rewarding new year!

See You Next Year

We have big things in the works for 2024. Expect promotions with industry partners, new brands, and dapps joining the ecosystem, and of course, the long-awaited Mainnet 1.0 launch. From everyone at Team Chromia, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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