Binance Lists Exclusive My Neighbor Alice Midsummer NFTs

Binance Lists Exclusive My Neighbor Alice Midsummer NFTs

Hey Chromians!

We are excited to share that Binance is running a Midsummer NFT Sale event in connection with My Neighbor Alice! Since Chromia and MNA are closely connected, we thought you might be interested in checking out the full details here:

The Midsummer Binance x ALICE NFT Festival is a time of merriment and festivities celebrating the hottest season of the year! Festival bonfires are lit around all of My Neighbor Alice's farms and villages, and summer umbrellas await their owners to enjoy the shadow with a sweet chill. This year, team Antler Interactive brings an NFT festival with reference to the real-world Midsummer celebrations during the summer solstice in Scandinavia.

There are several things to do during the Midsummer NFT Festival--participate in the Limited Edition Midsummer NFT Sale, become a proud owner of exclusive to the event in-game cosmetic items, explore the fresh new Binance Marketplace and take part in themed community events (hosted by Binance and ALICE)!

Perhaps you’d like to try your luck at acquiring an ultra-rare Alice collectible? We hope to see you there!