Migration to new ERC-20 token contract is complete

As mentioned before, the address of a new ERC-20 contract for CHR token is: 0x8a2279d4a90b6fe1c4b30fa660cc9f926797baa2

All simple wallet balances higher than 0.1 CHR were migrated to new token. Migration of 'dust' amounts below 0.1 CHR is considered uneconomical, as their value is below $0.003 while a cost of transfer is at least $0.25.

All tokens in token distribution contracts which were scheduled to complete distribution in October were released on a new token, i.e. all presale investors received their amounts in full.

During the migration we encountered a technical glitch: a third party tool we used did not correctly process snapshot end date, contrary to its documentation. Thus migrated balances correspond to a snapshot at block 10986986 which was mined on October 4th 03:35:56 UTC, not October 3rd 15:00 UTC.

Summary of migration:

  • 443,126,859 CHR transferred to the new contract
  • 35,813,002 CHR stolen from Kucoin is ready to be returned once formalities are settled
  • 7,451,869 CHR are locked in smart contract and cannot be migrated automatically; we welcome contract beneficiaries to contact our support and explain the nature of the contract so we can assist with migration

Thus we consider the main phase of migration complete. Contract balance migration might take significant time, or never be complete (if a contract is abandoned), but we know that locked funds are only 1.5% of the current supply and thus won't have a significant effect.