PrimaBlock contract migration

Migration of CHR balances of mass distribution contracts (such as PrimaBlock pools) will be performed in following way:

  1. User withdraws old CHR balance from the contract as he would do normally
  2. Same amount of new CHR tokens will be sent to user's wallet later, e.g. within a week.

In other words, user should withdraw as he would normally and just wait. Old CHR balance will remain in user's wallet. Users who do not like having old CHR balance in their wallet can transfer the old tokens to address 0x65e170e0cfcb1484c9c44905fa0a9209cfe889f7 so they can later be burned.

We identified 37 contracts which can be processed automatically using aforementioned process. All withdrawals from these contracts up to block 11125020 are already processed, 1,147,427 CHR was migrated.

We also identified 5 contracts which cannot be processed automatically because they received old CHR tokens after the snapshot was made:

  • 0xb91c7832ea6a7e5bc55582806fdc938df5ac895d
  • 0x6d364de6a990de51aa45d3f6380a41db685a10cb
  • 0xcf6c6fc6fbc88f8c9df10b1caa24418abb8572f9
  • 0xa48b3352a2462e663ecb2835e442e2e437efea3a
  • 0xfde9ad81b9272182e01ce9d484cd1ffe6caccbe1

We request people responsible for these pools to contact us to resolve the issue.

Additional recommendations to PrimaBlock pool creators:

  • It is technically possible to distribute new CHR tokens using PrimaBlock, but some action might be necessary for you to enable new CHR withdrawal. Please contract PrimaBlock support for further instructions.
  • Please DO NOT send old CHR to a contract. If you do so, old CHR balance migration will no longer be possible. If you want to send CHR to a pool, please make sure it's new CHR.