Chromia Monthly Update April 2024: Code Freeze is On!

Chromia Monthly Update April 2024: Code Freeze is On!

Welcome to the fourth monthly update of 2024. During our ‘Road to Mainnet’ phase, updates will primarily focus on the roadmap while briefly discussing key announcements and news from the Chromia ecosystem.

Message from our CTO, Alex Mizrahi 

Yesterday, Chromia’s CTO posted on the Chromia Blog, outlining the final stages on the ‘Road to Mainnet’. It provides an excellent summary of the progress we will discuss in this month’s update. Check it out here

Code Freeze Announced

Stable versions of all Chromia backend components have been completed and merged. This is a major step towards public testing of the Mainnet Release Candidate. 

Final Preparations for Public Testing - Chromia Vault and Frontend Design

Developers are completing frontend/user interface preparations for public testing. This includes work on Chromia Vault, our official dapp browser, and wallet.

Once these preparations are complete, Chromia Vault will be checked off on the roadmap, and public testing of the Mainnet Release Candidate will begin shortly thereafter.

Roadmap Updates

FT4 Bridge Integration has been marked as ‘done’. The core bridge code, and some extended functions, have been completed.

External Anchoring to Ethereum has been marked as ‘done.’ This was an extended feature added to the bridge code.

Native CHR has been marked as ‘done’. Users will be able to bridge tCHR tokens from Ethereum and Binance Chain Testnets to Chromia Testnet when public testing begins. 

Third-Party Audit for Mainnet Components

We have secured top 10 auditing firm Trail of Bits to perform a security audit on several mainnet components, including the Directory Chain, Economy Chain (native fees, rewards, and staking), Postchain Networking and our EBFT consensus mechanism. 

The findings of the audit will be used in combination with the feedback and observations collected during public testing to inform the final changes needed before the mainnet launch. 

As shared in previous updates, we have previously worked with top auditing firms Quantstamp and Cure53 on our bridge code as well. Security is a top priority for Chromia, and these efforts reflect our commitment to quality assurance.     

When Mainnet?

To quote from Alex’s message,

After assessing the results of incentivized testing and the audit process, our departments (C-level, development, marketing, business development, etc.) will coordinate to set and announce an official mainnet launch date… Currently, we estimate that a two-month period would be sufficient for testing and audit. If issues found during the testing do not require large code updates, mainnet launch will follow shortly after. But, of course, it’s impossible to predict the results of testing ahead of time.”

New Website and Brand Refresh 

Last week, we unveiled a brand refresh, along with a new website

Animoca Brands Joins Chromia’s Provider Network

In early April, we announced that Animoca Brands, a leader in blockchain gaming and a member of the Crypto Fortune 40, has joined the Chromia Provider Network. 

The announcement came as part of a larger collaboration that saw our teams come together for an appearance at Web3 Hong Kong.

To view real-time information about all of our providers and node counts, check out Chromia Explorer

Chromia 101 Video

In case you missed it, check out this video overview of Chromia that we shared on April 17th! 

Looking Ahead to May

Final preparations are being made for public testing of the Mainnet Release Candidate. Keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks!

About Chromia

Chromia is a Layer-1 relational blockchain platform that uses a modular framework to empower users and developers with dedicated dapp chains, customizable fee structures, and enhanced digital assets. By fundamentally changing how information is structured on the blockchain, Chromia provides natively queryable data indexed in real-time, challenging the status quo to deliver innovations that will streamline the end-user experience and facilitate new Web3 business models.

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