NGC Ventures System Provider Node is Now Online

NGC Ventures System Provider Node is Now Online

We have some notable news to share with the Chromia community -  as part of the recent testnet upgrade, NGC Ventures system provider node has been brought online.

Earlier this year, we announced that NGC had committed to becoming a Chromia network provider. As an industry leader on both the investment and technical side of the crypto space, their involvement is a valuable asset to Chromia's development and growth.

The first major testnet upgrade has now been completed, enabling multi-cluster support and cross-chain communication among other developments.  Chromia's testnet is a simulated environment that allows developers to experiment with new features and dApps. The suite of available features will continue to grow throughout the Testnet Expansion Phase, which will culminate in the launch of Chromia’s mainnet. NGC joining us in our journey is an important milestone in our continued efforts to build a robust and innovative blockchain ecosystem that can support the growth of decentralized applications and bring blockchain technology to a wider audience.

As always, stay tuned for more updates on Chromia's provider network and the evolution of our testnet environment.

Thank you for your continued support!

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