The RWATP Is Attending The Dubai FinTech Summit

The RWATP Is Attending The Dubai FinTech Summit

Dubai FinTech Summit on May 8-9 2023 brings together FinTech experts, technology innovators, and startups from all over the world, as well as influential CFOs, CEOs, CTOs, Heads of Business Transformation, Chief Digital Officers, Heads of Innovation, government authorities, and FinTech investors to discuss, collaborate, and innovate.

This year, ChromaWay will be attending the event along with our partners and Bloqhouse, where we will be showcasing our Real World Asset Token Protocol (RWATP) and the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the way we trade, fundraise, and own assets.

The RWATP is focused on bringing traditional financial assets on-chain, and has been working with and Bloqhouse to make this a reality. Tokenizing real-world assets is not only huge for blockchain and everyone who wants mainstream adoption, but it also has significant benefits for traditional companies, including increased access to liquidity, faster settlement times, and providing greater access to opportunities that were previously only available to big investors.

Bloqhouse is focused on fundraising and recently passed $1 billion volume raised through their platform, while is a real-estate fund offering a new way to invest in property. We are thrilled to have such great partners and are looking forward to attending with them.

The summit explores the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the finance and technology industries, and features events such as keynote speeches from industry leaders, enterprise use-case presentations, product showcases, panel discussions, and tech talks.

Dubai has been positioning itself as a hub for blockchain and innovation, and the summit brings together a global mix of important attendees from Web3 and blockchain, traditional finance and banking, as well as governments. It’s great to see so much enthusiasm for innovation in finance!

We are excited to be represented by Todd Miller, VP of Business Development and Partnerships at ChromaWay, as well as to attend with our partners and work with them to share the real-world potential of blockchain.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet industry leaders and have the chance to speak to them about their needs and challenges and to discuss how we can work together to build solutions that will not only solve their business challenges but also support growth and innovation in the sector.

Tokenizing real-world assets has the potential to change the way that institutions, companies, and investors do business, and opens up new opportunities for everyone; from small investors who would usually be excluded from institutional finance to funds to companies.

We’re very enthusiastic to meet and connect with FinTechs and fund managers who are also working with cutting-edge technology and thinking to bring innovative solutions to the industry. We can’t wait to get there, meet everyone, and share what we’ve been working on.

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