Chromia Vault Preview

Chromia Vault Preview

Chromia Vault is the official wallet for Chromia, providing a comprehensive tool for browsing dapps, tracking and transferring assets, and viewing your transaction history. 

Back in August, the first version of the FT4 Protocol and Wallet SDK were publicly released. That announcement provided a glimpse of early concept screens for Chromia Vault, setting the stage for further development. 

Since then, the team has worked hard to build the wallet while enriching FT4 with more robust capabilities. The bulk of the work has been on two important features: cross-chain transfers (sending tokens from one Chromia dapp to another) and bridging (transferring assets to and from Ethereum and other EVM blockchains).

Our Protocol Team recently provided some new visuals that give a clearer picture of what’s in store for the MVP release - let’s take a look!  

Preview Pic #1: Dapp Navigation

Here we see a view of the ‘DApps’ tab, which provides tile-based navigation of decentralized applications on Chromia. Users will be able to select their favorites (shown here as ‘My picks’) from the full list to provide easier access.

This picture shows a view of the Vault being accessed from a desktop, and a keen observer will notice the small Metamask icon in the top right. This suggests that FT4 token addresses can be linked to EVM addresses in order to sign transactions and facilitate actions that leverage Chromia’s Ethereum Interoperability Framework (EIF).

Preview Pic #2: Individual Dapp Screens and Mobile View

The following image shows a preview of the Vault accessed on a mobile device.

On the left, we see a dapp-specific screen with screenshots and a brief description. A launch button provides a quick and convenient way to access your favorite applications. 

Dapp deployers will be able to use their keypair to upload metadata about their applications, including images, descriptions, and hyperlinks.

On the right, we see tabs for balances and transaction history that will allow a user to view their previous activity within the Vault. Filters are available for both specific transaction types and specific chains.

Preview Pic #3: Cross-Chain Transfer

Here, we see a collage of images showing a cross-chain transfer in action. In this example, a user transfers native CHR tokens from an MNA chain to the Mines of Dalarnia dapp.  

Chromia’s modular design provides dedicated chains for individual dapps, making it essential to offer a convenient way to transfer tokens across the network. Building cross-chain capability into FT4 at the protocol level ensures that every project using the token standard can share assets.

When will the Chromia Vault MVP be released?

The community can look forward to firsthand testing in Q1 2024. Your feedback and participation will be invaluable as we shape the future of Chromia Vault and the entire ecosystem. Get ready to explore and transact like never before!

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