VfB Stuttgart Launches Digital Collectibles Marketplace Powered by Chromia

VfB Stuttgart Launches Digital Collectibles Marketplace Powered by Chromia

VfB Stuttgart, a football club deeply rooted in history and tradition, is proudly celebrating its 130th anniversary. As a prominent name in Germany’s top-tier Bundesliga, VfB Stuttgart holds a special place as one of the most distinguished sports clubs in the country, with an unwavering fanbase and a legacy of success.

In a move that combines this rich heritage with technological innovation, we are proud to announce that VfB Stuttgart is launching a brand-new Digital Collectibles Marketplace powered by Chromia. Tapping into the rising tide of Web3 adoption in the sports sector, this initiative will provide fans with new and exciting ways to interact with their beloved club and its players.

The marketplace launch will be accompanied by the release of the first batch of Stuttgart Collectibles, which include player cards from the 2023-2024 season, as well as ‘Legend’ player cards from the club’s historical past. These digital collectibles will be used to deliver a suite of engaging features, including: 

  • Purchasing and opening packs to reveal the player cards inside.
  • Swapping collectibles with other users on the marketplace.
  • Building an 11 man roster of current player cards and Legend cards.
  • A race to be one of the first 130 fans to build a full roster and receive a promotional Legend card.
  • Access to unique experiences, discounts, and additional perks from VfB Stuttgart and other affiliated brands and sponsors.

The web-based application is designed to be as accessible as possible and will allow users to sign in using a VfB account, a Google account, or Metamask. The marketplace will use Chromia’s Shared Appnet on the backend to provide a seamless experience for users, who can mint and trade collectibles without paying gas fees or signing transactions. Chromia’s unique design makes this possible and was a key factor in VfB Stuttgart choosing ChromaWay as their technology partner for this joint venture.

In this mutually beneficial partnership, VfB Stuttgart gains the opportunity to embrace cutting-edge technologies while enhancing the ways in which fans can interact with their brand. Simultaneously, the collaboration introduces a new sports vertical to our growing ecosystem, which already includes gaming, digital fashion, and real-world assets. This expansion showcases Chromia's versatility and its potential to connect various industries to the world of Web3.

For more on this exciting development, check out this announcement from the football club and go to their website to check out the marketplace and the first batch of collectibles!

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