5 Takeaways from Chromia’s Recent Announcements

5 Takeaways from Chromia’s Recent Announcements

Last week was a whirlwind of activity, with announcements from Sunday to Thursday! For anyone who might have missed something, let’s take a quick look at the developments, focusing on some key points from each.  

Innovation Lab

Last week kicked off with the announcement of Chromia Innovation Lab’s 2024 Incubation Program. The application process starts on October 15th, with the program kicking off on January 23rd.

A telling quote from the article is “With public blockchain platform Chromia now deep in development, they are ramping up their efforts to support developers and attract additional development to contribute to the ongoing growth of the ecosystem.”

What is particularly interesting about 2024’s installment is the timing. With the Shared Appnet now live and the public testnet set to see some major updates involving tokens and bridging, this year's Innovation Lab could see the selected projects start to interact with Chromia’s tech in very interesting ways.   

Chromia Learn

The next day, we unveiled Chromia Learn, a brand new educational site dedicated to guiding blockchain coders through the world of Rell and building decentralized applications on Chromia.

The official announcement laid out the plan to make Chromia Learn a go-to hub for developers, with an ever growing repository of courses and resources designed to bring new builders into the ecosystem, while also supporting and enriching those we already have.

In fact, there are already two courses available to check out - one for a simple review dapp, and another for a social media newsfeed dapp. 

A key takeaway here is that Chromia is committed to providing the resources and documentation necessary for third party development to thrive. These initiatives show forward thinking and proactivity. As Chromia attracts more attention from the crypto world and beyond, these crucial resources will be ready and waiting to discover.

Chromia Shared Appnet

The week continued with another exciting announcement on Tuesday, when we unveiled the launch of Chromia’s Shared Appnet

The Shared Appnet provides a stable production environment for several early Chromia dapps to begin building a user base while showcasing the potential of Chromia’s tech to tackle real world use cases while delivering a more streamlined user experience.

A telling quote in this announcement is “Through our internal intake process, we have already received multiple onboarding requests.”. The implication is that the collection of dapps on the Appnet could grow fairly quickly, making the coming months eventful!

Something from Devex (Chromia Explorer Network Toggle)

Wednesday saw the release of October’s Developer Experience Update, which among other things, included an update on the Block Explorer that you may have missed: it is now possible to toggle between different networks from a single interface. 

You can explorer this feature and take a peek at the Shared Appnet, while also checking the first Appnet dapp by using following steps:

1) Go to https://explorer.chromia.com/

2) Click the ‘C’ Chromia Logo in the top right corner

3) Toggle to ‘Chromia Appnet’

4) Click the ‘canvas’ cluster

If you just followed the steps, then you can already see the subject of our last point…

BLK DNM Connected Fashion Launch

The cap off the week’s developments, on Thursday we announced BLK DNM’s Connected Fashion dapp as the first deployment on the Shared Appnet. 

BLK DNM is introducing their ‘Connected Fashion’ concept through an exclusive collection of leather jackets embedded with NFC chip technology that link to ‘digital twins’ on Chromia’s Appnet. This campaign foreshadows the evolution of BLK DNM as a brand, while also highlighting the potential for Web3 to enhance both the fashion industry. To read all the details, check out this article

Things are Heating Up…

  • We are working to attract, incubate, and support development on Chromia
  • Utilities like Chromia Explorer are being continuously improved 
  • Chromia Shared Appnet will be growing in the short term
  • Key development milestones are approaching for the Public Testnet

We encourage you to follow up on the topics shared in the article above and take a closer look at the progress being made across several fronts. Things are heating up, and the best way to stay up to date is to follow us across all of our official channels - see the list below for all of the links!

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