BLK DNM: Connected Fashion on Chromia Appnet

BLK DNM: Connected Fashion on Chromia Appnet

BLK DNM has launched their ‘Connected Fashion’ campaign, delivering their first collection of apparel embedded with blockchain-enabled hardware! This exclusive collection features 72 signature leather jackets in 7 styles, merging fashion and technology to deliver handcrafted and timeless designs that exist in both the physical and virtual world.

The ambitious campaign includes product drops over multiple dates in October and November, with events scheduled in New York City, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. Through collaboration with handpicked influencers and retail partner Bloomingdale’s, BLK DNM will turn some heads.  

Let’s take a closer look at the technical aspects, and explore the role Chromia will play in bringing ‘Connected Fashion’ to the world.

Embedded NFC Chips and Digital Twins  

Every physical garment in the collection is embedded with an NFC chip, and has a ‘digital twin’ that exists on Chromia Appnet. This allows for several innovations:

  • Proof of authenticity: Tap the garment and get immediate proof of authenticity from the blockchain. This feature eliminates counterfeits and fake claims.  
  • Product history: Every connected garment’s blockchain record can store information about its history, from inception to the present. This can provide insight about the age, material composition, and production of the item. 
  • Digital Identity: The product itself has an ‘identity’ that can change owners and evolve over time. By scanning the item, the owner will be able to see all their active and future capabilities - for example, a record can be added when the garment is present at a special event. 
  • ‘Forever Refund’ program: Since the authenticity and history of these garments can be quickly accessed, BLK DNM will offer a program by which the owner can exchange connected items for a percentage of their original retail value. These items can then be reused, recycled, resold, upcycled, downcycled, etc., depending on their age and condition. This program aligns with the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and responsibility. 

Why Chromia x BLK DNM is a Fit

The above features' utility and ease of use are greatly enhanced when anyone can participate, regardless of their technical knowledge about Web3 or blockchain. BLK DNM can offer these features as a ‘value-added service’, that people interact with through simple interfaces like a web browser or smartphone app.

From Chromia’s perspective, the project aligns with our vision of impacting ‘real world’ industries with Web3 technology. We see great potential for blockchain to improve efficiency and sustainability while offering consumers added value through exciting and innovative features.

We welcome BLK DNM, and encourage our community to check out the collection on their website and follow them on Instagram. And as always, keep an eye on our official channels for more on this project as well as others coming to the Chromia Shared Appnet!

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