Blockchain is the New Black: Chromia x BLK DNM

Blockchain is the New Black: Chromia x BLK DNM

Last month we were thrilled to attend Paris Fashion Week - that’s right, fashion week, not a blockchain conference! - where we unveiled our BLK DNM physical and digital collection at an exclusive event attended by influencers and the press.

We received fantastic feedback from attendees who were excited by what we are creating and enthusiastic about the way we are going about it. Though this is not the first time a fashion brand has stepped into the metaverse, it is one of the first (if not the first) times a tech company has been in the driver’s seat!

Web3, blockchain, and crypto in general can be complex and difficult to grasp. As a result, many brands have attempted to engage with these technologies without a clear understanding of their purpose or significance. However, with BLK DNM, we are thrilled to take the lead in merging technology and fashion by offering tangible solutions that benefit people in meaningful ways.

Connected fashion enables brands to build communities by giving their customers new opportunities to engage with both the brand and the products they create. By attaching physical items to a digital reflection in the form of the NFT, the retail experience can be enhanced in a variety of ways. From authentication and product histories to governance and digital fashion, we want to push the boundaries of what can be achieved. As you may already know, Chromia has been building a next-generation NFT protocol named Originals. By leveraging this protocol and our blockchain expertise, we will unlock a new realm of possibilities in the world of fashion.

A Holistic Ecosystem

With our acquisition of BLK DNM we are aiming to build an ecosystem that adds value to the brand by engaging with the existing community, influencers, and the general public.

Community > Customers

Our world is becoming increasingly connected, and this should extend to our favorite brands too. We are creating a two-way relationship that empowers brands to transform customers into a community, and enables that community to actively engage with the brand before, during, and after their retail decisions.

Chromia’s relational design allows for detailed user database records to be stored on-chain. This gives a brand greater flexibility to run exclusive events and deliver personalized experiences.


Governance is a key feature of Web3, and the ease of voting is unparalleled. You might have heard the expression “You vote with your dollars”, well now you can vote with your digital reflection!

By engaging the community in the decision-making process, brands are able to better understand the wants and needs of their community, while the community is able to be involved from start to finish.


Chromia’s technology will bring much-needed transparency to the fashion industry, from authenticating items being sold on secondary markets to verifying that an item is sustainable, ethical, and authentic.

Other novel features like a record of ownership will allow buyers to hold an item in their hands while instantly having its history at their fingertips.

Digital passports that not only show how your item came to be made but that can grow and expand with it, will give unprecedented insights into physical items and change the way we engage with fashion.

Upgradable Items

A very interesting way to use Chromia’s tech is to make use of upgradable NFTs. Digital reflection NFTs can be upgraded and made more exclusive due to the actions of its owner.

For example, the act of voting on governance proposals can serve as a rewarding opportunity, wherein the digital reflection owned by an active voter holds greater value or earns additional points compared to that of an individual who abstains from voting. Moreover, attending an in-person event could bestow a distinctive flair to an NFT, further motivating engagement.

These principles can also be extended to sustainability initiatives. For instance, owners could receive perks for reselling or donating items instead of discarding them. In contrast to the past, where there was little accountability and no incentive for making environmentally conscious choices, consumers can now have their sustainable actions documented and duly rewarded.

Bridging Realities

Virtual spaces are becoming more and more prevalent. From social media to remote work, many of us spend some part of our day in a virtual reality. With the development of the metaverse and the investment in digital spaces, we anticipate a growing demand for services that bridge the gap between our offline and online identities.

Being able to “upload” your offline history, purchases, and reputation into the online, virtual reality will be huge. We already see the friction creators face when they have a large following on one platform but have to start from scratch with another. Connected fashion will allow creators to connect their offline persona with their online one in an easy way.

Technology for the People

The integration of a technology company into the fashion industry presents numerous intriguing opportunities. Our aim extends beyond mere hype, as we strive to provide solutions that propel the industry forward by enabling brands and communities to foster interactive and mutually beneficial relationships.

We’re looking forward to working with BLK DNM and expanding our relationships to include other brands that want to get on-chain!

Follow BLK DNM on Instagram, and reach out via info [at] if you're interested in bringing your brand on-chain too!

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