Chromia NFTs in Action: Alice’s Mysterious Seed

Chromia NFTs in Action: Alice’s Mysterious Seed

On December 16th, the My Neighbor Alice team announced the ability to transfer NFTs for their Alice’s Mysterious Seed mini-game from Binance Smart Chain to the Chromia network. This development is significant for both Chromia and the gaming projects being built upon it, for reasons that we will explore below.

Portability from Binance Smart Chain/Ethereum to Chromia

NFT sales for both My Neighbor Alice and Mines of Dalarnia are currently held on Binance Smart Chain. The process used to transfer seeds purchased on BSC to Chromia can be used as a template for all NFTs that need to be permanently transferred to Chromia from other blockchains.

Additional functionalities are now being coded, including two-way bridging that will allow assets to enter the network from other chains and exit the network back to other chains, where appropriate.

Mutability and NFT Evolution

One of the unique properties of NFTs on Chromia is their ability to change and evolve over time based on interactions from the user. These interactions are more convenient and dynamic compared to other blockchains because:

  • Customized fee structures mean that developers can allow users to perform these functions for ‘free’
  • NFTs can be pre-programmed with on-chain logic that determines the conditions necessary for metamorphosis. This means that NFTs can change their name, title, attributes, and even graphical representations without any additional minting or swapping

In Alice’s Mysterious Seed, players perform actions such as watering, feeding, and playing music for their plants as they grow. The initial properties of the seed, in combination with the player’s actions, determine whether the plant will successfully bloom and morph into various different fruits. All of the code behind this process resides on-chain, and relies on no external server.

NFT Mutability and In-Game Economies

The properties described above are crucial for building interesting and open-ended P2E economies on Chromia. In My Neighbor Alice, fruit will be an important ingredient in several recipes, where multiple NFTs and/or ALICE tokens are consumed in order to create rare and desirable items also represented by NFTs.

For example, you may be able to create a rare piece of clothing by taking a garment, some rainbow dye, and a fruit to an animal in the game world. The dye and the fruit will be consumed and disappear, while the garment will undergo a transformation into an awesome tie-dye shirt!

What’s most interesting about this is that every ingredient, as well the animal itself, is represented on the Chromia network as an NFT. You may be paying a crafting fee to another player (who owns the animal), while using garment and dye you earned yourself in game, and a fruit you bought from someone else on the secondary market!

Chromia’s design makes it economically feasible to represent thousands of items as separate NFTs while allowing them to combine with and interact with each other, opening the doors to a myriad of possibilities.

Mainnet Ready Logic and Execution Layer

One of the largest tasks for mainnet rollout is implementing the framework for decentralized consensus across multiple validator nodes. While this work is ongoing, the My Neighbor Alice team (as well as other projects building on Chromia) are still able to create and test their applications using Rell and Chromia token standards (FT3, Originals, etc.). This parallel development will ensure speedy migration and rollout of applications once our development goals are achieved.

Next Steps

At Chromia, our current focus is on a handful of tasks necessary for the mainnet launch:

  • sidechain synchronization and cross communication
  • streamlined onboarding of nodes to the network
  • One-way and two-way bridging functionality for assets to and from Chromia to other blockchains

By spending time earlier this year improving Rell, available documentation, and our SDK, we have provided the tools necessary for development teams to build applications that will harness the unique properties of our blockchain. Over the coming months, we are excited to see our combined efforts take blockchain gaming to new frontiers!

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