Chromia Partner Series: JalaSoft

Chromia Partner Series: JalaSoft

In each installment of Chromia Partner Series, we reach out to key strategic partners to discuss their ongoing integration of blockchain technology, their experiences working with Chromaway, and ask about their upcoming updates and new projects.  The focus of this installment is South American software engineering firm Jalasoft.

In 2019, ChromaWay partnered with Jalasoft, a leader in systems development and integration in South America.  The partnership launched a pilot program to test the use of blockchain technology in land administration in Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay. The result of the two companies’ collaboration is LAC PropertyChain, a regional land administration initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean.

ChromaWay: What is JalaSoft’s background, and what services do you provide?

Jalasoft engineering services focus mainly on Enterprise Application Development with expertise across development, quality assurance & test automation, DevOps, Implementation, and more.

Our teams predominantly work in a fully integrated staff augmentation model wherein our engineers actively participate in planning, design, implementation, and validation phases to achieve client goals and help them build their products and portfolios.

We are agile with an active voice in client scrums, sprint ceremonies, and retrospectives, which elevates team unity and drives continuous improvement.

We are fluent in English, and we use calls, chats, and messaging to communicate effectively with all client stakeholders. Also, we have the luxury of time-zone matching for any company in the US or Canada.

ChromaWay: What projects or initiatives have you been involved in with ChromaWay?

We started working on land registry projects for LATAM, and our primary responsibility is to provide end user-focused applications, to reduce processes related to land registries. The IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) sponsors this project, Chromaway supplies the blockchain platform (Chromia) and project management. The solution will be initially offered in Peru and later expandable to Bolivia and Paraguay.

ChromaWay:  In a few words, what has been your experience working with ChromaWay?

Cooperating with ChromaWay was a different experience, which introduced us to working with different entities, like IDB, and the involvement of government stakeholders was an enriching experience for us.

ChromaWay: What was your initial impetus for starting to explore blockchain solutions?

Our initial motivation was being involved in new technology and especially in how this particular technology can be applied in the little explored areas like government processes, for which LATAM countries usually do not have cutting edge systems and apps in general use.

ChromaWay: What recommendations or advice would you give for other companies that are considering blockchain technology?

Having an open-source framework for sure is a plus, and ensuring the dependencies between the actors are clear and delimited. Having transparent governance is critical, and working with open-minded stakeholders that can apply new technologies is also crucial to have results in the short term.

ChromaWay:  What do you consider to be the most significant opportunities for blockchain development in the future?

We think the main goal is to work on applications without dependencies on national laws so those applications could be implemented successfully and in a short time, without legal and regulatory obstacles.  But for sure, there are many improvements in other areas related to governments, like the Personal Identification process, vehicle transfer, etc.

About ChromaWay: ChromaWay is a leading blockchain software provider in the land registration, commercial and residential real estate market, and the mortgage industry. Our work with multiple land registries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia will enable the KSA to benefit from lessons learned from past projects.

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