Chromia Monthly Update February 2024: Chain Archival Completed

Chromia Monthly Update February 2024: Chain Archival Completed

Welcome to the second monthly update of 2024. During our ‘Road to Mainnet’ phase, updates will primarily focus on the roadmap while briefly discussing the provider network, Chromia’s Appnet, and other key announcements. 

Chain Archival Completed, Roadmap Updated!

We are pleased to report that the code responsible for the automatic pausing, archiving, and migration of chains is complete! The roadmap will be updated to illustrate this important progress towards mainnet.

Keen observers will also notice some reordering of the roadmap items - these adjustments have been made to reflect our estimates for the delivery of the next milestones. Progress is being made across multiple objectives, and each day brings us closer to a completed Mainnet Release Candidate.

EVM Bridge Audits

Secure bridging is a cornerstone of network integrity. We take security very seriously, and for this reason, we chose to have the core bridge code audited by two independent firms.

Quantstamp is a global team of security professionals that has audited hundreds of leading projects while serving as a trusted advisor to startups, governments, NGOs, and the private sector. Quantstamp has performed more than 500 audits and secured over $200 billion in digital assets. 

Download the Quantstamp audit.

Cure53 is a security consulting firm based in Germany. Since being founded in 2007, they have performed hundreds of penetration tests against all kinds of web applications, online services, hardware interfaces, mobile applications, libraries, and crypto tools.

Download the Cure53 audit.

FT4 Bridge Integration

Feedback from the audits has been integrated, and completion of the MVP bridge is imminent. From now until we begin testing the mainnet release candidate, we will make small adjustments to facilitate ongoing updates to FT4. In addition, we will begin working on extended bridge functions listed below. 

Extended Bridge Functions

  • Automated creation and submission of EVM transactions when withdrawing to EVM.
  • A method that allows dapps to offload bridge events to a separate chain.
  • Enabling automated updates to provider lists in EVM bridge contracts.
  • Anchoring to EVM (listed on the roadmap as External Anchoring to Ethereum).

Native Fees

The backend of the Native Fees dapp is coded and is being tested on our internal Devnet. Development has now shifted to the frontend/UI for the dapp.

Native CHR

We will consider this objective complete once CHR tokens are being bridged from EVM testnets to our Public Testnet. For this reason, this objective will be marked complete when we begin public testing of the mainnet release candidate.

Chromia Vault

Dapp metadata and browsing functions are complete. Work is now focused on the creation of accounts and account management. The release of the Vault will coincide with public testing of the mainnet release candidate.  

Provider Network

Our list of providers continues to grow and has reached a size where it is no longer practical to give granular updates. Fortunately, Chromia Explorer now displays real-time information about both Providers and node counts. Check it out!     

Staking System Notice

We rolled out an update to our staking system on January 17th that requires users to redelegate their stake by March 3rd to continue receiving rewards. Full details can be found in this article

Chromia Appnet Updates

  • My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 4 has now generated ~1.7M transactions.
  • VfB Stuttgart’s Digital Collectibles Marketplace is nearing 25k transactions, providing a real-world example of Filechain and Filehub being used to deliver on-chain digital collectible assets.
  • A third Appnet cluster has been deployed.

Chromia x RSTLSS

We have announced a strategic partnership between Chromia, MNA, and RSTLSS.

RSTLSS is a cutting-edge platform for the creation and monetization of digital wearables and accessories. This partnership will expand the possibilities within the on-chain digital worlds of Chromia-powered games like My Neighbor Alice. Read more about it on our blog.   

My Neighbor Alice 

MNA has released its 2024 roadmap, outlining the launch of Beta Season 1 and several other exciting developments. Check out their recently updated website for more info.

Chromia Explained: Economy Chain and On-Chain Logic

For those who enjoy a deeper dive into the technical side of Chromia, we published two blog posts this month for your enjoyment:

Chromia Explained: What is the Economy Chain?  

This article explores the role of the Economy Chain, the system chain that will act as the ‘home base’ for native CHR tokens. Find out how this network design choice will simplify asset management on a modular multi-chain network.  

Chromia Explained: What Exactly is ‘On-Chain Logic’?

This article explores On-Chain Logic through the lens of gaming, exploring the evolution of game design from classic consoles to Web3. Find out why Chromia is an evolutionary step forward from existing blockchain games and everything that came before it.

Looking Ahead to March

February was a productive month, with one of our roadmap objectives being completed and new partners being announced. With several objectives being worked on by multiple teams, March is sure to be just as interesting. Keep an eye on our official channels to stay up to date!   

About Chromia

Chromia is a Layer-1 relational blockchain platform that uses a modular framework to empower users and developers with dedicated dapp chains, customizable fee structures, and enhanced digital assets. By fundamentally changing how information is structured on the blockchain, Chromia provides natively queryable data indexed in real-time, challenging the status quo to deliver innovations that will streamline the end-user experience and facilitate new Web3 business models.

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