Chromia Monthly Update: November 2023

Chromia Monthly Update: November 2023

Welcome to the eleventh monthly update of 2023! These updates are provided to track the progress of Testnet Expansion Phase and the Shared Appnet, while also keeping you informed about all the news from around the world of Chromia. 

Feature Integration

This section shares important progress on development objectives, and also gives users a heads-up about upcoming changes that may require specific action.

Chromia Shared Appnet

  • Shared Appnet was launched in October 2023 and provides a ‘closed beta’ version of Chromia, allowing early dapps to build a user base and demonstrate the potential of our technology.
  • In November, we unveiled the newest Appnet launch - VfB Stuttgart’s Digital Collectibles Marketplace!  
  • Additional Appnet deployments are in the works… more news to come!

Chromia Vault

  • Check out the recently published Chromia Vault Preview, which provides a sneak peek of the MVP version of our official wallet. Public testing is expected to begin in Q1 2024. 

FT4 Cross-Chain Transfers

  • Cross-Chain token transfers (within Chromia) are now implemented into the FT4 Protocol. Wide public use of this feature will coincide with the release of Chromia Vault.  

FT4 Bridge Integration

  • A beta version of EVM asset bridging is available for use by individual Appnet projects.
  • Work is underway to integrate bridging functions into FT4, which will enable bridging to the Public Testnet.

Native Fee System

  • Native Fees are currently in development.
  • When the system goes live on Public Testnet, addresses that are staking CHR on Ethereum or Binance Chain will be able to claim tCHR on Chromia from a faucet and use it to deploy Testnet dapps.
  • On mainnet, dapp deployers will need native CHR to pay hosting fees. These will be acquired by either (a) bridging ERC-20 or BEP-20 CHR tokens, or (b) withdrawing them from an exchange that supports native CHR. 


  • From October 1st to December 31st 2023, the staking platform will dispense rewards at 15% APR.
  • From January 1st to December 31st 2024, the staking platform will dispense rewards at 10% APR.
  • We recommend using Metamask for the best user experience. This applies to both staking and container deployment. While WalletConnect is provided as an option, limitations beyond our control may result in technical difficulties when trying to use WalletConnect with certain combinations of blockchain, external programs and/or hardware wallets. 

Provider Network Status

Our provider network is dynamic and evolves over time. For transparency, we provide real-time method(s) to monitor the provider list.

  • The following query link can be used to generate a list of Public Testnet providers. Please note that these links are functional as of the publishing date, but may become deprecated over time.
  • The following query link can be used to generate a list of Shared Appnet providers. Please note that these links are functional as of the publishing date, but may become deprecated over time.

Ecosystem Development

This section shares news from new and existing projects, announcements from Chromia Innovation Lab and other incubation efforts, and highlights from our mid-month Developer Experience updates.

  • As mentioned earlier in the update, VfB Stuttgart’s Digital Collectibles Marketplace powered by Chromia has now launched. The dapp generated 10,000 transactions within the first 24 hours of going live!
  • Chromia Learn has been updated with new courses, including a ‘Rell Masterclass’ and a tutorial about building dapps in a continuous integration environment.
  • My Neighbor Alice has shared this short video teaser for MNA Alpha Season 4, which will be powered by Chromia.
  • Mines of Dalarnia has released their new Terraformed Update, while also launching the idle game Dalarnia Modbots. Notably, Modbots uses Chromia tech to execute game logic on-chain.  
  • On November 20th we shared this Q&A with Todd Miller discussing Real World Assets (RWAs), and the launch of the Ledger Digital Asset Protocol (LDAP) on Chromia in 2024. Read it here.
  • LaunchJoy Games participated in an AMA in our Official Telegram Channel on November 15th. Click here to read the AMA from the beginning!
  • The eleventh Developer Experience Team Update was published on our blog. This month’s highlights include updates to Chromia Explorer and the Chromia CLI
  • The application window for Chromia Innovation Lab’s  2024 Incubation Program is open until December 15th 2023. We provide entrepreneurs a faster and better way to build real-world Web3 applications - if you are an innovator with a great idea, we want to hear from you!

Raising Awareness

This section shares news related to Chromia marketing. Appearances at crypto conferences, articles published on third-party outlets, ongoing promotions, highlights from the previous month’s content, and more.

  • In mid-November, ChromaWay brought together Web3 and business leaders from across the Nordic region at Google Sweden to discuss the opportunity to enrich Web2 business models with Web3 technology. 
  • Speaking of ChromaWay, they were named to Deloitte Sweden’s “Fast 50” for the fourth consecutive year! 
  • This short article on UK-based crypto news outlet Coinbrit discusses how My Neighbor Alice utilizes Chromia to deliver a fully on-chain gaming experience. The piece provides a concise summary of the advantages of building on Chromia.  

Looking Ahead to December

  • Chromia Learn updates
  • Development on Chromia Vault, Native Fees, tokens, and bridging
  • Chromia Year in Review 2023
  • A New Year’s “Message from the Founders”, previewing an exciting 2024!

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