The My Neighbor Alice 'Fall Harvest NFT' Sale Has Concluded

The My Neighbor Alice 'Fall Harvest NFT' Sale Has Concluded

When projects in our ecosystem score a win, it is a win for us as well. We are happy to report that the second MNA NFT sale was held this week and sold out in under a minute.

For our second NFT sale event, Binance incorporated a ReCaptcha v3 system to help prevent bot orders. Still, 47,500 mystery baskets were sold in under a minute. Demand was overwhelming, with several buyers unable to grab a basket before they were all gone. The MNA team is already busy planning the next NFT sale, which will be bigger and better than the last!

We are encouraged by the success of our friends over at My Neighbor Alice, and look forward to their full launch and Chromia mainnet integration in the future. Stay tuned for further updates regarding Chromia, My Neighbor Alice and our emerging ecosystem using the channels listed below!

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